How to use your Magickal name?

Hi everyone, I just want to ask if how can we use our own magickal name? can you give me some tips about it. I want to know what the purpose of it on how to use it and is it possible to use it by manifesting to the universe?

I hope someone will reply. I really want to learn about it.

Thank you.

One way is when introducing yourself to entities or when signing pacts. These are the ways I am familiar and have experienced with. There could be much more other ways of using it

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Really the purpose of a magical name is to give it to other practioners so they cant curse you.


how odd, I thought it was the opposite.

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thank you so much guys for the information. Just wondering if how can I use my magickal name to manifest to the universe? do you have some script of what must said to make it?

That whole true name/ magickal name and cursing nonsense is widely misunderstood. You can have a little more influence over people knowing their true name, as I’ve understood. But don’t worry… you can curse and hex the crap out of anyone just using a magickal name, screen name or basically anything that someone at least partially identifies with.

I have no experience with magickal names and don’t know a lot about them in general. All I know is that it makes it easier to get into your role as sorcerer or witch and detach from the mundane you. So there is maybe a bit of a psychological mechanism involved (the same mechanism that also gets abused by predatory guru’s and cult leaders ;P). In such you use the name to identify yourself as magickal being in your magickal works. Any other functionality I am not aware of enough to give an opinion or to even speculate.

If I’m remembering correctly, Conner Kendall has a video on his YouTube channel “The Infernal Obelisk” about finding your magickal name. No doubt he also gives some valuable information on the specifics of your magickal name and probably some suggestions on how you can use it in your practice.

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thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate it. but if you dont mind asking, im somehow trying to connect with king amaymon. but im hearing in my head king belial. do you have any idea what does it mean?

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You’re welcome, hope it is of help to you!

Sure, although take my opinion on this only partially serious. Since my view on the Amaymon/ Lucifer connection is anecdotal at best.

Lucifer has been pretty consistent, for me at least, in referring other spirits perhaps better suited for your intention (Some regard Amaymon and Lucifer as aspects of the same entity especially in regard of E.A.'s Nine Demonic Gatekeepers) Belial might be better suited for whatever reason you wish to call on Amaymon in this regard.

Apart from this. Do these thoughts seem like your own, or inspiration from somewhere else? If it does seem like inspiration from another source, Belial is probably eager to connect with you.

Follow your own intuition, you can totally choose to connect to Amaymon first anyway. It does sound like it would be a good idea to add Belial to your list of spirits to connect to in the near future.