How to use energy vortexes for magick

I was thinking of going to Sedona in the next few days. It is the first time I’ll be visiting since becoming involved in occult stuff.

I read a lot about the energy vortexes and how Sedona is good for occult stuff, but I couldn’t find any information on how to utilize the vortexes while there. Is it just being close to them while doing what I would otherwise do? Or is there a specific way or ritual I should perform?

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Well I’m not for sure, but you could use the energy from the vortex in the same way from any other energy source?

Like how people take energy from earth/sun/etc. So you could pull that energy from the vortex to you/your work to power what ever stuff you wish to with it. So energy manipulation would be the method then?