How to understand astrology?

i have been obsessed with learning astrology through greek mytology , it helps so much to understand sign and their personality traits. İ have read some great books. Can you recommend me books?

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I highly recommend Bill Duvendack’s new cookbook, Tales From the Dessert. Oh, wait… you asked about astrology… Astrology in Theory and Practice, that’s the one. His sense of humor is much better than mine, I promise.

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İ will check it out thank you

Would you like to learn modern psychological astrology? Or, are you interested in Traditional or Hellenic astrology?

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Do you have any resources on Sumeric Astrology? :pleading_face:

I’m afraid not. I can’t even find a good source that references actual Sumerian or Mesopotamian sources that show what their system of astrology was even like.

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Ah yes astrology.
Gotta make a birth chart to if your into it like me. It tells you everything from your planetary houses to your moon sign (which in my opinion is just as important as your sun sign) and makes you so much more unique than just a single zodiac label lol.

I’m trying to get my hands on
“Qliphothic astrology”
by Bill Duvendack if you’re interested in the darker aspects of it.

Everyone always dogs me about astrology and how I shouldn’t let it dictate me
but isn’t that what magick is about??? Finding stuff you can identify with so it can empower you? Everything may only have as much power as you give it but energy is contagious and each planet each star is its own vibration that rubs off on those containing them in their charts :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Nope unfortunately

I got some 70 books in astrology. And demonology.,in french,and some of them got way too much maths,numbers letters ,big books for sign etc, wat exactly is you purpose? I tink George muchery is a author book in french,also it’s zodiac seals but it’s similar,too hard for me.besides the Egyptian astrology.try big bookstore,and ask sellers.i will ask for Greek astrology for you