How to Undergo Possession with Belial

Hey everyone, I would like to know how to undergo possession with Belial or any spirit. I did some looking on here and couldn’t find anything specific in that regards. If anyone can list any topics on here that states how to do that or any advice in that regards I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Evoke him and ask him to possess you. That is pretty much all you really need to do. Of course, you have to both agree on terms, etc, too.

If you have a copy of EA’s book Works of Darkness, there are step by step instructions in the chapter titled “Demonic Invocation.”


I do have that and will take a look into it. Thanks!

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Do you mean Demonic Evocation? Cause that’s what I see.

No, it should be past that. I think it is chapter nine or something. I’m sorry, I don’t have my copy at hand.

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Pretty much what @DarkestKnight suggests.

However, just because you ask Belial to do so, it doesn’t mean he will. He’s not a tame spirit and he’ll possess on his own time and terms.


It’s not actually a chapter, but a section in one of the later chapters.

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