How to / things I should know before making a pact with a demon?

I have several questions, although advice in general is also appreciated.

  1. How can I prevent being deceived? How can I keep the demon bound to the agreement?
  2. What is the best method for communicating with the demon?
  3. What can I offer the demon?
  4. How can the pact be created?

Background information:
I have been doing magic for pretty much my whole life, although I have only taken it seriously for the past five or so years. At some point fairly recently, I had a sigil project strongly into my mind. It resembled the number 3, and I drew it three times, as if in a trance, and I looked up, and it was 3:33 am. I could not find the sigil online.
A while later, as I was wondering who it was, I had a letter project into my mind, so I looked at a list of demons starting with that letter. I felt drawn to one. He was the demon of something that is relevant to me- I do not think I should share his name- so I knew it had to be him. After I had finished telling this all to someone, I looked up at the clock after not checking for a while, and it was 3:33 pm.
I have had other various small signs from him, but if I typed them all, it would take too long. The last one, is like the 1st time, I felt compelled to write something. I do not know what language it is or what it says, but the letters matched up to Amharic: the languages that angels are not capable of reading in Jewish mythology. He may have been trying to convey a message to me without my guardian angel reading… or it was a test.
Part of the way through this, I discovered Duke Dantalion and began working with him, as he reflects many qualities I either have myself or ones he could specifically help me with. He is the first demon I have worked with. When it comes to any sort of advice or guidance on this situation, he is completely silent.

Any advice on this or how I should proceed?

form a legitimate contract, not just words, and make it air tight, as in concise dos and dont.

the best method is whichever works for you, personally I would choose developed clairs communication. However there is also a petition spell based one.

whatever you want to offer and wait for them to agree to such offers and terms, just as you would in a normal business agreement.

the same way physical ones are created through a write up of a contract.

  1. I don’t think you have to bind it , if you give him offerings and you have a healthy working partnership , he’ll probably do it of his own free will given you respect him and are logical .
  2. There is no best method , whichever works for you .
  3. Anything , try food .
  4. Write it up or type it up .