How to thank King Belial?

Hey guys - basically I did a… well I don’t think I can even call it a ‘working’ or anything because it was so simple and I didn’t even do anything at all apart from put a whole lot of emotion and intent into it… but anyway, just a few nights ago, I was very upset about not yet managing to achieve a desperate goal that I’ve tried to get for the last 3 years, and I asked King Belial that if I can’t make that happen right now, can he please help me achieve the second thing I want most in the world?
This also was something that I’ve wished for desperately for almost 18 months now and very few people have actually achieved it… but out of nowhere it finally happened tonight!!!
But I told KB when I asked him for this, that if he makes it happen I will do something for him to reward him, and I don’t really know what he would like so I told him I’ll ask people on here!
So yeah, what can I do to thank him?


Ask him!

Red wine is always a good choice.

Alternatively, blood, red meat, or something highly desirable to you… like the last bit of expensive chocolate you’ve been saving, or the last bite of a delicious meal.


This is interesting. I’ve always just asked him, as most of the time he either wants a letter of appreciation from me or he wants more sacrifices done from my personal life.

Edited: Forgot to put in second part.


Hail King Belial !!!

Offerings are given to Belial to ensure future help and assistance. These are the items and foods you can offer to Belial: **Champagne, tequila, wine, beer and Vodka and red meat

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According to Tyr, the most important thing the gods want from us is our commitment. Food for thought.

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He already has my commitment!

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Awesome! Looks like you’re giving him the most important thing then! The rest is just icing on the cake compared to that. Nonetheless, I hear tell that King Belial REALLY likes blood. I also here he likes: Rum, Wine, Red meat, possibly sexual fluids, and… hmm… I dunno much more actually. Can’t quite remember. I just get the impression that he REALLY likes blood! So… doubt you can go wrong with that LOL

Just get you one of them diabetic needle kits or something so you can safely and easily prick your finger and put blood on his sigil. That should please him.


Me too! In fact, since I already have to prick myself to test my blood due to a chronic illness, I suck my own blood instead of putting a band-aid on it!

Haha! I won’t drink the blood of another though.

Uh-huh. Dragon blood is the most sacred blood he wants.

I almost feel like you are saying what Asmodai wants, but I’ve never worked with him with blood or such. He’s a little to randy and raunchy for me.

And Incubus and Subbucus don’t interest me at! :roll_eyes: I do not like the sexual energy that surrounds my legs - it just lingers.

Let’s see. PIZZA. Beliel likes pizza. 'Cause he likes beer.

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A sacrifice like quitting smoking or vaping is good. Belial wanted me to buy my favourite food and keep it for 24 hours untouched and offer it to him tonight as a sacrifice.

He likes the sacrifice element as an offering for sure

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Hail “King Belial” !!!

@jennaelizabeth omg, yes pizza is right in my case.
I put 24k gold flakes on the pizza slice for Belial, and eat my own quietly with his presence.
I do this once a month, and apparently it’s a big deal to him.
I didn’t know anyone else offered him pizza, that’s so neat.


@Cromagus Oooooooooo, that is one fancy slice of pizza! :pizza: Are you using edible gold?

Have you ever left the pizza sitting out over night to see if it’s been eaten or bites taken out of it? :face_with_monocle: I’ve never tried this myself, maybe I should.

:v: Peace out! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Yes, edible gold.
I’ve not left something out overnight before, no.
Perhaps you could try it, sure!

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