How to tell when the cards are right

Hi everyone. I have a long standing problem. I always hear about this “sign” that tells you when the cards are right when doing cartomancy. I never had such a sign, and I would like one. If I had something telling me the cards were right, then I would have more assurance that I’m not just spreading things out like some barbarian. I would feel I was doing it properly.

I hear some people’s left hand will feel cold, or the cards feel hot or heavy in the hand. Some people just “know” when they are right. I have asked a serious question, and just waited and waited shuffling with question in mind. No such sign.

My sign seems to be when I just get fucking sick of the shuffling and spread those bitches out. Could that be mine? Just feel sick of shuffling?
It would make sense with my attitude haha!

I talk to my cards like they are sentient. I thank them when I’m done. It is not lack of connection with them, and I do get very good readings sometimes, and some really stupid mundane crap predictions that I could care less about, but accurate still. I use Lenormand cards. I like their blunt honesty. They are to the damn point.

I like strategy in readings. I want to know what you’re going to do, what you think, what I should look for that day. Lenormand is great for that. I just wish I could be sensitive enough to know when they have answered.

Any thoughts? Help? Please?

When I began working with Tarrot about 2 or 3 months ago I found that the same feeling I got when I shuffled the cards was the same feeling as the one when I “felt they were right”. It’s like you say, when you get that “I’m done shuffling now” feeling, it’s your intuition telling you that that’s when the card are right. Follow your gut instinct, if you feel strongly enough that the card is right, it probably is. Psychic sensitivity is something that comes with practice, like your training a muscle, if you try and lift 40 kilos on day one you probably gonna struggle, but if you build it up bit by bit you’ll get there.

For me, when I felt as if it was right I got a warm feeling in my stomach, and felt my aura tingling -almost physically. Focus on your energetic field as well, that’s how anything psychic will communicate.

Thank you! That gives me hope. People just have this infuriating habit of over mystifying everything, and making things more mysterious and vague than it has to be.

I guess the most important thing is to take your mind out of it. I know the cards really do answer from experience, but it’s the clumsy little dance of figuring out a perfect personal system you can rely on. If all I have to go on is being sick to death of the shuffling, then I have to decide if it is because the cards are right, or am I being an impatient butthole.

And maybe I should worry less about the signs and focus on how many times the cards have really spoken correctly. I guess it is part of the frustration of learning something as useful and important as divination. You want to rely on it, but at the beginning, you feel you can’t or shouldn’t.

Oh well. One day I will be able to rely on them. Thank you so much Azael.

I think you could apply the same mindset as you would soul travel. As in, suspend all disbelief. When you start out with soul travel there is a solid feeling of “this is all in my head because I can still feel my physical body”, but the more you practice and the more you get reliable visions (in your case readings) the more confident you’ll get with it.
One example I can think of was about a month ago, my mom was always a skeptic of anything spiritual, but I gave her a reading (completely random, I had no idea what would come up) and the cards accurately predicted that she would take a vacation (and predicted the number of days left to it), and she got a wand card (which ever one signifies a promotion at work, I can’t remember off the top of my head) and the next day she got a call from a company offering her a job that she had been hoping for for months.

At the time of the reading I didn’t over analyse the cards, I didn’t sit there are go “I don’t wanna say what it is because they’re gonna be wrong”, I just laid the cards out and told her what they meant. Whether you call it coincidence or magick, it was accurate. So the best piece of advise I can give is to read in the present moment, don’t become over burdened by anxiety about whether it’s right or not, just read read read.
You’ll find you get things scarily right :slight_smile:

When I felt like my cards were talking, it was when I started to do daily one card reading.

I scattered the card for shuffling but didn’t really mix, but I totally trusted
whatever coming should be the one that’s given as answer, picked some cards
without thinking anything but keeping my chest warm with question.

when I do that I usually get answers like the cards are talking, or rather
someone is talking through cards.