How To Tell If You Are Experiencing An Awakening, Ascending To The Next Level

Here are some physical signs that can happen to a magician when he or she is ascending to the next level of their abilities, having a true magickal awakening. We all know that magick and energy can sometimes be hell on the physical body, but these symptoms will not be as bad as you ascend further. The more you advance, the more these symptoms will lessen or vanish, but some of them may remain with you.

Not sure how much of this article is true, you may not believe any of this, but I have felt many of these symptoms on this list when I was experiencing a major period of awakening.

Same here, and by the way, I absolutely LOVE the picture of the heart-shaped iris at the top!

But yes it looks like a decent list, quite useful to people new to this who are wondering what’s going on. :slight_smile:

That was surprisingly legitimate, I’ve felt all of those except the nail growth before in corresponding periods.

Oddly enough, my hair and nails have been growing out of control here lately and I have been studying my ass off trying to figure out why. Normally it takes me like 5 years to grow my hair out from my shoulders down to my buttocks and normally when my nails get to be about 1/4" long they break and crack off.

But the more I have been delving into my path and connecting with the energy of the universe, I noticed my nails can suddenly grow to be 1 inch long, hard as a rock, they will not break off at all, I have to cut them down every 6 weeks or so or else they become dangerous and I accidentally cut my daughter’s arm or knick my dog on the ear when playing with him. My hair went from just below shoulder length to the middle of my butt crack in just a little over a year.

I have never been able to grow hair and nails that fast. I am not taking any herbal supplements, no new vitamins, no new foods, and I have not taken anything away from my diet. At first I thought it may have been the coffee I started drinking on a daily basis but I have experimented and gone without it for several weeks in a row and the rapid growth still continues.

To me this list looks like what happens to everone on a day to day basis, and I view these as normal human occurances. I guess some of these could be shocking initially. I think the primary barrier is a lack of awareness and memory, and not a lack of phenomena.

Well of course they are normal human occurances, but they don’t happen to everyone on a day to day basis unless that person has ailment of some sort. But to suddenly experience an onset of several of these symptoms at once during times of peak magickal practice, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence, especially when these disappear afterward and do not come back until you go delving deeper again.

I used to get pains in my head that felt like my skull was moving around. Similar to how tectonic plates move on the surface of the earth. Googled it and sure enough there it was. Although the person who experienced it was going through the abramelin operation at the time, where as I was not, although I guess it was just as heavy duty.

If anyone else get’s this and wants the pain to go away, I believe the answer lays in some kind of obsure tibetan text about enlightenment. If that’s any help lol

Also - STATIC!

I’ve experienced many of those but for me the most intense is the body heat and the freezing cold. It’s awful especially the heat, I get overwhelmed with it, it happens fast and randomly and it’s feels terrible and my skin feels like it so being poked by millions of needles. I have even went to the doctors about it, they say im perfectly healthy and they have no clue what I’m talking about.

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I’m having 33 of those. Neat.

I’m having most of those lol

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I’ve been experiencing that skull movement, as well as a pain and pressure that moves from my crown to my third eye at different times. @googlyeyes

Primarily I have the heat flashes, the weird energy movement sensations, and the restless sleep every time I get really close to a new level of awakening. I’ll start getting tingles almost like an orgasm feels except isolated to random body parts, like a leg from the knee to ankle, a shoulder, my head, etc. Then I’ll have intense headaches that nothing cures.