How to tell an entity from a tulpa?

Reading about tulpas and some evocations (Letter of intent, for instance), how can you tell that the letter of intent and all that follows afterwards is not creating a tulpa rather than conjuring an actual succubus/incubus?

Of course my question is not related only to that but other entities as well but I am a newbie at this and that is the only example that comes into mind right now.

First off, please use the correct terminology.

What you are referring to is a thought form NOT a tulpa.

A tulpa is a Tibetan word that refers to an actual physical being created by consciousness. It is just as real as any other human being and can be seen and touched by anyone. It is NOT the same thing as a thought form or a servitor.

For more information on what a tulpa actually is, I recommend the book “Magic and Mystery in Tibet,” by Alexandra David-Neel, the book that introduced the word to the Western New Age community.


Weird, I have never heard of tulpa being physical before, I will look into it, thanks for the correction!

You’re welcome.

A lot of people seem to use the term interchangeably with ‘servitor’ but that is a complete misunderstanding of the word.

A tulpa is an autonomous physical being, just like you, and the techniques to create one are a closely guarded secret in Tibet. It requires months of devoted meditation upon certain Tibetan mandalas. The process is described in the book I mentioned, in which the author created a tulpa, but then had to put it down when it went bad.

Another book that might be of interest, is “An Unlikely Prophet,” by Alvin Schwartz, which describes his meeting with an actual tulpa.


To answer your question as to how do you know if the succubus is an actual spirit and not a thoughtform, it really depends on your own mind.

A thoughtform is created by your mind’s focus and intent. When you call a spirit, after the initial summoning, you sit in an open state of receiving, so you’re not actually focusing on anything but are simply waiting.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but if you’re not actually intending to create a thoughtform, it is unlikely to happen on its own. With practice, you can also tell based on the strength of the energy of the spirit, as a thoughtform tends to be very weak and wispy compared to, say, a demonic king, or a daughter of Lilith.


That’s very informative, thank you for sharing your knowledge and suggesting those books, especially the first one catches my interest!

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This is how I tell if it’s my mind or not.

Spirits put off some serious waves.

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That and especially “in an open state of receiving” is a suggestion I will have to remember to do if I will ever practice so I will be fully sure to not make any mistake.

With those clarifications it seems unlikely that I will unwillingly make a thoughtform, even if I am a newbie, so that is good to know!