How to talk to Demons?

I’m Arjun and I’m 16 years old. I’m new to the occult as I am just practicing it for approximately 2 months. I’ve read about how to invoke demons and other spirits. I’ve never performed magic before. Recently, I’ve invoked Mammon, Beelzebub, Lucifer and Azazel. I don’t know whether I’m doing the ritual right. Sometimes I feel their presence but sometimes I don’t. I power their sigils using semen and blowing on them. Are there any other ways to power up the sigils? I tried to poke my finger with a needle but it was too painful therefore I couldn’t offer blood. Also I couldn’t talk to them. I’ve meditated on their sigils and recited their enns. Any suggestions for a newbie like me? A book? I’ve read the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Satanic Bible so far.


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Communication takes practice. It doesn’t happen right away. You have only been practicing for two months, so you still have a lot of development ahead of you before you will be able to see or hear spirits.

You do not need blood or semen to “power up” a seal. All you need to do is enter into an altered state of mind and open it.

One thing to keep in mind is that spirits will always show up when you call them, regardless of your ability to know if they are there. I hope you are opening seals with a purpose, rather than just doing it to see if it works. You need to give the demons a task, and then keep an eye out for the results. That is the only way to assure yourself and quiet any doubt you may have.


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Are you familiar with meditation?


Yes, I’m learning everyday. I always have a specific purpose for the demons. Thank you for your advice.

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Yes, I do meditation. I’m just a beginner so I only meditate for about 10 minutes per day and focus on my breathing. Do you have a suggestion to enhance my meditation practice? Thank you very much

Another thing is, how do I PM someone?

Sensory awareness
Energy awareness


You can’t. The ability to PM is restricted for new members by the system until they reach a certain threshold of activity within the community. It helps prevent people from joining up and harassing members with endless PMs.

Someone can PM you and you can reply to them, but you cannot initiate.


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You can power the sigil n multiple ways I sing and play music n sleep with mine
I think so far your doing a good job as a beginner so far it take time for ppl to even feel their presents or to speak with them pm me if u need help I’ll be happy to help

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