How to Summon YEHOVAH ELOHIM FOR Divine Light

Let’s be honest Yehovah is the most powerful entity out there. He created all the demons. This is how to summon YHVH (YHWH) to manifestation. Imagine how powerful he is. To truely experience a spirit’s power you must possess yourself with God. Knowing this you must empower your magickal rites with the Lord in Possession. For he is the Master of Masters. Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Light red candles. Light incense of Frankicense, Myrrhr, and Copal. Apply essential oil of apple cinnamon and Sandalwood. This is ideal for angelic magick. The essential oil is only if you want extra power. Summon the Father with the following conjuration. Let him possess you and you will undergo divine angelic alchemy. He will forgive your sins.

this is the sigil for when you evoke Yehovah. It is God’s seal. Seal of Elah is the proper title.

I call to thee Yehovah Elohim. Rise and manifest within the incense. Elah rise and manifest. For I evoke thee Yod Hey Vav Hey Aleph Lamed Heh Yod Mem Yod Hey Vav Hey Achad. Rise and manifest HaShem. For I conjure Divine Light by the powers of Elah. Rise and manifest within my mind, body, and soul. Bring me your powers of divine light. Rise and possess my mind, body, and soul in manifestation. Bring me your power Yehovah. Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh Rise. El Shaddai Rise. By the powers of the Throne of God manifest.

scry in your dark mirror the Father. He is an orange flame. He is basically a spirit of pure divine fire. Pay attention to your thoughts. He will powerfully possess you so be ready. This is how you gain his power and insight. Know the one at the Throne of God loves you.


I was under the impression you need to do specific things to become “more pure” in order to work with him. What do you think?

You don’t have to be pure. You can sleep with women and still talk to God. He doesn’t lecture people either. He might get mad at you if you give human sacrifices to demons though. Not saying you do but that would make him mad. He will forgive your dark sorceries as well. This is a secret I will tell you. Open his sigil and evoke him with my conjuration. I assure you it 100% works.


I find this thread very funny.

A dream that can never come through. To summon who to manifestation? Lol Well you can Invoke Him but it’s an high rank Angel that will come to you.

You said it yourself, ‘Ideal for angelic magic’, not for IHVH.

Lol sigil to invoke Yehovah? God’s seal? Seal of Elah? Now let me clear something here: Elah is Aramaic, which is God in English. If you write it as Elahi it means ‘My God’.

And that which you called a seal is no seal but a name, which is IHVH (Yod Hé Vau Hé). And this same name is pronounced as Yehovah, for some it is Jehovah. So what are you preaching?!

And, though a newbie will fancy your conjuration not me. I have a written invocation myself titled ‘INVOCATION OF GOD HIMSELF’. I am yet to use it, for by just meditating and merely reading it, the angels are already around…asking what I want.

The one at the throne of God or God himself? I see in the conjuration too:

All well, so long you get a result, it’s not bad. But I can’t follow such method to invoke IHVH.


Bonus points: the OP has been banned.



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Yeah, I know. But still made the comment for beginners who will see the post.

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I’m very interested in learning more about your method. Would you be interested in sharing it?

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