How to summon yakshini

hello everyone.
I want to ask?
can i summon yakshini like goetia?

Theyre considered a class of nature spirits (female to the yaksha) in hindu mythology and often seen with Kubera so might be able to reach them through him.

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Evocation of Tulasi Yakshani in a Single Day

Tulasi Yakshani is goddess of tulasi plant. Practitioner need tulasi plant to perform this ritual.

Mantra: Om Kleem Kleem Namah

Practitioner should take pure bath after sunset and sit before tulasi plant and recite above mantra for five thousand times then tulasi Yakshani comes before practitioner and fulfils his desires

Source: Kumar, Ajit. Yakshani Magic: Evocation process for Goddess of Alchemy, Gold. Kindle.

Note: Coincidentally, I found this one yesterday. I’ve never tried it and I have no idea if it works.

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the mantra is wonderful, thank you for sharing.