How to summon spirits?

How to summon spirits?

Sigil. Enn. Candles incense offerings. Names and titles.

All of which you can find if you use the search function to search for the name of the particular spirit you wish to summon.

It’s the :mag_right: up top.


One of the elements of evocation is the magical field, although not always mandatory. That field is composed mainly by Circle and Triangle; in the grimoires it may be found the “consecration of the space”, for example through prayers. More modernly we may call it an activation. It’s possible to do it by calling the four elements, so to have in the temple or laboratory a reproduction of the universe.
Further, the same act of looking at an entity’s sigil and calling him/her helps the operator in achieving a certain alteration of consciousness (TGS) which is often important in magic.