How to summon or work with Mars?

Maybe it’s just me, but I did do a search on this forum and didn’t really find anything useful for me.

I don’t usually work with planetary magick.

Azazel strongly suggested to me that I work with Mars for my situation. He didn’t give me any more information about how to go about it, or which Martian spirits I should work with. But I discovered Ares and basically prayed to him. Not sure what’s happening with that yet, but after unbinding my emotions, I’m finding that I get angry easily. But anyone in my situation would become furious very easily, especially after unbinding their emotions (where emotions have been suppressed).

I’ve given it some more thought today and I know that when I petition Azazel, I use the sigil for Saturn.

So I’m wondering if that’s what I should do regarding Mars? Like, draw the Mars sigil, then open it? Which spirit would you petition with the Mars sigil to end a war?


If you dont mind me asking for what purpose do you wany to evoke Mars. I performed an evocation of Mars once and ran into some issues.

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I did mention at the end of my post that it was to end a war. A personal war with some very stupid and stubborn people who started it.

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Do you have a particular system you use? When it comes to planetary magick i default to performing the invoking hexagram of the planet, in this case mars and end with banishing hexagram.


I don’t have a favourite system for planetary magick. I’ve no idea how to work with Mars or any other planetary energy/spirits.

Another way to put my query would be, how can I work with the energy of Mars to end a war and deal with my enemies (as suggested by Azazel, for part of my strategy)?

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I would use the planetary seal for Mars found in Jason Miller’s most excellent book Advanced Planetary Magick. In it he provides the seed syllables, and invocations for all the planetary powers. The seals invoke the pure force of the planets, and were specifically channelled to work regardless of any astrological retrogrades.


Okay, thanks for the recommendation.

I think it may be important to note that there is a difference between Mars and Ares. Ares represents the passion of war (the love for bloodshed, the fury behind the blows, the fear of death or harm, every emotional aspect of conflict. He is more of the internal aspects of war). Mars, while being the Roman equivalent of Ares, was more focused on the defensive aspects of war (protecting your homeland via conflict, protecting individuals from harm caused by conflict, bringing the end of conflicts, etc. Think of him more into the external aspects of war). They are definitely two sides of the same coin, but the difference may be important to you. Mars, as worked with in more planetary magic as opposed to approaching Mars the god, brings both aspects to the table. It can be extremely aggressive and envoke the internal emotions of conflicts, but it also can be defensive and work with the external aspects as well.

As far as working with Mars, you could also create the Magic Square of Mars and carry it with you. You could also make a sigil with it by using the intention “resolve this conflict” (being clear on what is going on), dropping all the vowels and repeating letters, changing the letters into numbers (1-9) and creating a sigil on the square by drawing a line by moving from one number to the next on the square. Then activate it as you normally would.


Ares embodies teenage angst, when we get older we realise Mercury was right…Mercury was always right


Fantastic explanation. Thank you!

Ares is working on me then. I used to dislike having to hurt my enemies, and I shied away as a result. I also had difficulty in bringing up and venting my fury at what was happening. Now, I’m starting to enjoy the bloodshed, and I have no difficulty in expressing and venting my fury. I wasn’t even sure what he did, other than he is associated with anger and war, until you revealed what he does. He sure works quickly, and I didn’t even use a sigil or other props to summon him. I did it with pure intention and repeating his name, calling him to me. It was easy.

Azazel (or one of his spirits) told me I need to feel good about the harm I inflict to get the best results. I’m glad I requested Ares’ assistance.

So I’d be better off working with Mars (planetary magick) rather than Mars the god? As I need both defensive and offensive.

I’m going to give this a go.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


You could still work with Mars the God, as part of being defensive in battle is having a solid offense as well. He just seems to specify with defensive strategies more from my experience. But going with more the planetary route is another good approach.


Thanks. I’ll work with both. :slight_smile:

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You can try summoning the Spirit of Mars named BARTZABEL


Or you can try summoning the Angel of Mars GRAPHIELA


What are their powers?

Would it hurt to use the same seal for multiple workings? Like if I have three Mars workings, can I use the same seal for these workings?

Also, I’ve been Googling Mars, the Roman god of war and I’m confused by the different sigils/seals I found. Also did a couple of searches on here but didn’t really find anything to clarify my query.

Which seal or sigil would you use for summoning Mars (not the planetary version)?

I’ve performed four Saturnian workings today using the info from Advanced Planetary Magic, and they went well. Just waiting for Tuesday so I can finish off the job with Mars planetary workings. :slight_smile:

Now I’m trying to figure out the Roman god of war petition. :slight_smile:

When working to stop an extremely stupid and violent enemy (so not a candidate for education), if wanting to avoid war and just dominate, what planetary energy might one approach?

silverfirefly Those Martian Spiritual entities are good for all activities regarding war, to obtain military honors and rank, to acquire courage, to destroy enemies, to cause ruin, slaughter, cruelty, discord and to wound and give death.

From Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy is basically the same but more fleshed out:

These with Mars being fortunate, being engraven on an iron plate, or sword, makes a man potent in war, and judgements, and petitions, and terrible to his enemies, and victorious against them; and if engraven upon the stone corneola, it stops blood, and the mestrues; but if it be engraven with Mars being unfortunate, on a plate of red brass it hinders buildings, casts down the powerful from dignities, honours, and riches, and causeth discord, strife, and hatred of men, and beasts, chaseth away bees, pigeons, and fish, and hinders mills, and renders them unfortunate that go forth to hunting, or fighting, and causeth barrenness in men and women, and other animals, and strikes a terror in all enemies, and compels them to submit.

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Many thanks. :slight_smile:

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A lot of good information and advice given here. I would like to echo @Dralukmun initial commentary regarding the differences between Ares and Mars the war gods. Upon reading your initial post I was inclined to say you need to work with the god Mars, not Ares and Azazel probably intended you to work with the god more than the planet. Though there is nothing wrong with both (god and planet). I would definitely advise thanking Ares for his help and letting him know you are taking a different direction and then work with Mars (god) instead. Don’t try to work with both Ares and Mars at the same time. The whole Greek versus Roman thing makes them cranky. As far as a sigil for the god Mars… you really don’t need one, just like you didn’t need one for Ares. That wasn’t a big thing in ancient Greece or Rome. But in a pinch you can use the planetary symbol.

Also… some good information here: