How to summon my human self, any takers?

Hello everyone,

So lately I’ve been giving it some thought and I’ll share with you how to summon me, that is my human self. Things I can assist in: divination (especially tarot), baneful Magick, vampirism, evocation, strengthening the Clair senses, protection (magickally speaking), crystal Magick (both in it’s light and dark aspects), energy work and more. Now, do keep in mind that this is my human self we’re talking about here meaning, I don’t know everything and neither does he, so keep it simple or you may either get laughed at or incorrect information, but I may be able to push you in a good direction.

With this being said, the reason I’m doing this, that I’m sharing, is that I want to see what you all experience. If you guys could, please share what you experience with me. My seal is below. My username can be used as a name.


i can try when i get home tonight

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I’m new and all but I can’t help but wonder what you even mean? Summon your human self? Like a spirit? Does this draw from you? Do you share similar occurences of the situation? Have you done this before? Lastly doesn’t this set you up for the potential of vastly negative events?

Like I said im new I don’t know I’m trying to learn.


Literally summoning me, In the flesh, nothing metaphorical or complicated.

It doesn’t draw from me.

As for similar occurrences, maybe.

As for negative events, meh.

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Have you done it yet?

im at work rn. but i will message you about it when i get home :slight_smile:

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Sounds good

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