How to summon a demon?

I know it might be a dumb question but if i may ask. Can i summon a demon for guitar playing skills, fame and fortune at the same time? Or talents aren’t possible? Please help me


Yes of course you can
Astaroth and king paimon are amazing for for music/status and fame
But do your research about them before jumping to the summoning part.
You can search on this forum as well it’s really helpful :))


Thank you for the reply. Followed EA koeting for 4 years now but i didn’t know this forum existed. And because i am very bad in english and brought up in a Christian community, i am hiding my beliefs all these years. All i wanted was to get help from people like you and be a guitar master with the help of gods.


Welcome to the forum @Kukiland. Please take a moment to go to the New Magician and Introductions area and make a post to introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about you, and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

My advice is get to know them first.

There are numerous Demons and Spirits who can help in that area. You will find some who you connect with.

You have to practice and put in the work as well.