How to step into the voodoo world?

Hello everyone,

I love african culture and specially voodoo.I want to call upon the spirits papa legba and specially erzulie for helping me in making someone love me,who i love.I have heard about making the veve at home on the floor…but i dont have much money to buy or make an proper altar for them unfortunately.I need help here from you guys to guide me,how can i approach and call upon the spirit and talk to them asking for help ? Please guide me.Thanks


Temporarily use a table as the altar, gaze at Papa Legba’s veve and call him. In order to contact other Loas, always do so “through” Legba, then proceed in the same way, by gazing at Erzulie’s veve etc. (at the beginning it may suffice to draw them on paper)

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Depends on whom you ask.

There are some who believe you access or call the loas as we do with other spiritual beings.

Then there are those who say you should find, if possible, a group of Vodoun practitioners and seek the loa out the traditional way.

Up to you what way you choose. But I don’t really think money should be an issue. (I am assuming Vodoun is somewhat different on money compared to Santería.)

thanks for the reply.So it would also work if i would draw their veve on a piece of paper with a normal pen? And how would i feel or know that they are there or like listening to me? Any signs? And how do i offer them something ? Do i have to do this before or after calling them for help?

thank you dear ! Can you please tell me how to call them like other spiritual beings? Because in the country i am living,there are no voodoo believers or practicers.

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I believe that the lines of the veve, like an angel or demon’s sigil, would appear to flash or almost 3D. Another possibility is that of feeling a presence. First contact the Loa(/s), then ask for help. About offerings, I’ve read that one is supposed to leave them until they clearly are somewhat consumed.

is it a must to contact a priest first? I dont know any.And i am so broke.

Im by no means an expert on voudon but ill say what little experience i had with it was very vivid and actually kinda terrifed me. Once i made contact there was an undenyable feeling that the loa were amongst me. Even if you dont feel anything operate off the assumption that you made contact.

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Is there a difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo (spelling)?

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Perhaps here a principle of working with “what you have” (so to speak) still applies, I involve myself with yoga, and magick itself, without personally knowing a guru nor a master.

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Your best bet is to find a peristyle and ask the priests there how you can serve without having done the ceremonies.

Contrary to popular opinion on these boards, there are some traditions where you must be welcomed in before you can practice. Vodou has reglemen (rules). Palo Mayombe requires licensia (permission). You don’t just walk in the room and act like you own it.

Find someone to show you the way. They’ll read you and let you know what to do next.

Respect and humility will take you a long way in traditional religions.

Good luck with everything

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Legba to start. But Erzulie is the Lwa that nobody can possess or have her love but you can feel love for her. Sort of a paradox

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Thanks.The problem is i can not even afford a reading.