How to start on the path to work with the dead?

Hello all.
This post is not me asking for a short cut to speak to spirits of the dead, nor to control them. This post is me inquiring as to which path to take in my studies and practice in order to work with, communicate with, and see the dead. I am most certainly an armchair enthusiast when it comes to practice, my studies in philosophy originally led me to the study of belief systems and consequentially to Magick. I am familiar with and am accepting of the inherent “costs” of the darker side of practice. I have spoken briefly with different accomplished practitioners and my interests used to lie mainly in Demonic invocation.

However, this is not an autobiography so let me get to the point.

It is insanely difficult for someone without reference to know where to even start looking for resources, especially when I lack the abillity to describe a specific practice in which I want to research. Therefore I will outline my goals/wants for my relative future as a practitioner, and I will be waiting hopefully for any helping hands of guidance.

WHAT I HOPE TO BE ABLE TO DO: Speak to the dead, “feed” the dead, Learn about the spirits of the dead, Secure my safety from vicious entities, and travel to realms of the dead.

Please let me know if these things are accomplishable.
Please let me know what these actions will entail.
Please let me know if you have done these things.
Most importantly, please let me know where to begin my research with specific sources preferably books, or deities to look into, and how I may go about speaking with these deities if that is what I must do.

Again, any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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You can start with your ancestors. Obviously they’re already dead and you’ve access to their spiritual current due to the virtue of being related.

Unless you’re one who brings shame to your name then this is one of the safest and most efficacious paths to begin with when it comes to working with the dead.