How to speak with spirits with the tarot?

My question is simple, but the most important thing is whether it’s possible ‘-’
When I make draw, I have everything to interpret the symbols on the cards, but as part of an answer to a question given by an entity / spirit, it’s much more complicated.
I had thought that to discuss or understand an answer to a question by the tarot, it was necessary not to take the cards on the symbolic value, but on the figures and what they inspire us when we see them… but this seems a bit too abstract.


Yes, you can use Tarot to communicate with spirits. However, the symbolism of the cards requires interpretation, and, since the cards themselves hold archetypal energies, and could be considered spirits in their own right, you are likely to get muddled responses.

For clear communication, techniques that utilize the ideomotor effect, like a pendulum or automatic writing, are much better.


Very insightful… never thought about using Automatic writing…

I wonder how many people make automatic drawings via spirits!


I’ve only done it once, I felt the urge to draw and basically made a stick figure version of an event that played out the next day. No idea who it was as it was random.

I guess stick figures are a start :blush: