How to sense energy? Help needed

Greetings! Since I found the LHP i am struggling. It seems that i’m somehow ‘making up’ the meditations because i can’t feel energies. For example some people whom i know and who are adepts can sense energy when entering a room or can feel energy only by scrying in a sigil. Could you suggest some exercises/training to get a feel for energy?
I can sense for example a weak energy field when touching my palms together but that is not what i mean. I want to feel the energy shift when someone enters the room or to recognize an occultist by noticing his energy in a crowd for example. So any exercises for developing this awareness would REALLY help me.

The actual real energetic interaction of sensing takes place between an interaction of your nervous system and brain. So the first thing hou would do is sensitize your mind. This means everything first takes place in thd brain, which translates all body functions and experiences into Experience. Try perhaps lighting jp thr brain with energy first.

What do you mean by ligjting up the brain with energy?


In kundalini yoga exercises you do breathe work and raize energy up the spine as a Foundational Beginners exercise. This was the exercise I was doing when I was part of a certain group in the past. It involved doing a certain amount of repetitions of breathing in and out where one measures ones breathes in a certain amount kf Seconds, and likewise holds it on the intake for a certain amou t of time before expelling breathe, etc. Among all this, there was also the raising of Ligbt energy up the Spine to light up and energize ones brain.

I recommend you check out Robert Bruces book “Energy Work”. It helped me make significant progress in working with and sensing energy.

I’m sure you could also take up Qi Gong and get results.

There are some methods you might try that I have used with good success. I started this from ground zero in case anyone doesn’t even have a sense of their own energy.

  1. Lay or sit down somewhere and breathe deeply and rapidly. After a short time you’ll feel some changes. I wouldn’t recommend going longer than five monutes or so for this purpose. Pay attention to how your body feels differently. This is increased energy. Once you do this a few times you will start to notice the difference between that and your common state. After a while your awareness will catch on and you’ll feel the shifts in such things as emotions, and how your body responds to different temperatures, etc. This is mostly about turning the awareness into the body.

  2. For teaching your awareness through kinesthetic memory. This is mostly used for such things as learning body awareness of chakra points. Get some ointment that has Methyl Silicate and or Menthol in it, such as Bengay (you can look it up). Other things could be used like cinnamon oil, or anything that can cause a tingling sensation. Be careful and make sure you’re not allergic to whatever it is you use. An alternate safe method is to use a bit of water and go in front of a fan, where the skin that is wet will feel cooler than the rest and this will allow you to train your kinethetic body awareness to differentiate sensations. What you’re doing here is learning a type of non-verbal awareness/knowledge that you can only get through expereince.

Let’s use an example as if you wanted to be able to feel the energy in your Ajna or Third eye chakra. You would take a small amount of the substance and dab it between and slightly above your eyebrows. Then relax and notice how that area feels different than the rest of your body.

  1. Once you do these two things, you can start practicing by raising the sensation of energy in your body with the breath and paying attention to differetn areas of your body, and with the memory of the localized sensations you can more easily learn to direct it inside and around your body. After this you can experiement with sensing it out into the world, or just notice how you feel in different environments. As you practice you’ll get more ability, like with anything.

The main thing is getting awareness of it to begin with, and the two steps of breathing and localized sensation will get you off started.

  1. A good exercise is when you’re in an environment such as your home or somewhere else with multiple people, face away from the door. Then when someone comes in, notice how you feel and guess who it is. With repeated practice of this you’ll start to develop those non local perceptions. For me these usually feel like a slight inner body energy almost like the memory of a faint emotion. You can practice by thinking of different people and noticing how your inner sense of them is different for each. That gives you your own inner spectrum of cues, that you can pay attention to whlie you’re sensing non-locally.

Hope that helps.


Author Maya Om, has a book called Energy Essentials For Witches and Spellcasters. It explains how energy works and is loaded with energy exercises that start out very easy beginner level and lead into some more advanced exercises. But she also explains how to feel, summon and manipulate energy too. I think the book even has the basic energy ball exercises and it’s only like $8.95 USD maybe $9.95.

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