How to send someone who has been to prison/jail back

Don’t need them dead or maimed; just back in jail/prison.


Well statisticly ppl who have been in jail have a high chance to do something that will send them to jail again. So i guess workings that will give the person a opportunity to do something stupid.
However since that may involve a 3 party being a victim i do advice against that. It all depends on what the person been in jail for.

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I’ve learned not to worry about how the spirits work it out. The person doesn’t hang out with nice people anyway. Frankly, he’s lucky I don’t want to kill him.

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Hiya OP! If you bind their spirit to the jail they occupied, by dragging them there astrally and putting them into the metal and foundations of the building, you can force them to resonate with the jail and even dream of it. To put the nail in, lock them up astrally in the jail, pull apart their spirit until you reach the soul (binding it to individual cells to magnify the intended result of physical and spiritual imprisonment), and then handcuff it! For extra oomph, grab Tartarus, and just tell it you want to add to its base. :slight_smile:


Wow! Thank you. I don’t know the person that well. I can get a picture and have their name but all of that information I am not sure I can get.

However I have someone else your plan will work for very nicely. :smiling_imp:


There’s a way around the information drought, OP! Create an astral form with the purposes of acting as a total, one-way sympathetic channel to the target, grab the astral components of the information you have on the target, and stuff it in the vessel. You can also ask Tartarus to form the jail this person was in, and to act as the engine for the intention to be carved to specification. :slight_smile:


Lots of tools for that. Your imagination is the foundational tool, i.e. just imagine a scenario that is symbolic of this person being back in prison, and repeat until satisfied or bored. You can, of course, cast binding spells to this effect using a number of spirits: just look around. Spirits corresponding to Mars, Saturn and Jupiter would be typical for this sort of thing. Please also consider that every working has an effect on you as well.

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It a tragic thing too. Because ex-cons are usually ostracized and they can’t get a good job, they have to start committing crimes simply to survive in a world that’s turned it’s back on them.

Ex-cons also have a high statistical chance of suicide. All often because of small mistakes that while illegal, should be overlooked.

Slava Bogum

I know ex-cons who are good people and would never mess with someone like that. This person isn’t one of those people. I really wish I didn’t have to constantly defend myself when I post.

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I wasn’t attacking you, there was no reason to defend yourself. I was simply stating facts and never say that any given person isn’t capable of hurting themselves or others. You never know what someone is capable of. Everyone has a dark side that no one else knows and there can be many triggers.

Example, there was a man who was a very devout member of my Church and as I got to know him I discovered that he was on antidepressants. The story goes that once he and his wife began having children, he would make all the night calls for his children. He was also working 10+ hour days at a local plant. After the birth of their third child, who had autism, he began to struggle. He began to look for a way out and so, he thought of killing himself, every time he drove to work or from work and he would see a Semi Truck, he would think, “This is my chance, I need to take it.” But, each time he didn’t. This went on for a few months before he finally broke down and confided with his wife and they found help together. If he had committed suicide no one would have seen it coming, he couldn’t be capable of that, he’s a father of three, a man of God.

Never assume you know someone’s mind, the same thing that almost made my friend commit suicide also drives some men to murder their family and then themselves. People are capable of great good, but also great evil. That’s the blessing and curse of being human.

You misunderstood my first sentence. I was stating that if someone was a good person and just happened to be an ex-con I would not want them to go back to jail.

What I felt like I needed to defend myself about was the character of the person I want to send back to jail. I’m not going to get into if this person sexually assaulted me or three or four other people and happened to get out when they should still be in. That’s a personal matter. I didn’t feel that it was right for you to come in and defend good ex-cons when clearly I was not talking about one of them. I’m talking about someone who should not be out and needs to go back in. Everyone who should be incarcerated is not. The internet is forever and I’m not going to give enough details for someone to know who I or the people I’m discussing are.

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