How to send a hand written letter to a magician so they can't use it for witchcraft

If I want to write a letter to a mighty magician, and don’t want that magician to use that letter for witchcraft how do I do? Lets say I want to write an easter card to an old girlfriend. Use plastic gloves and write on the paper and then burn sage or palo santo? How would you do? Is there a way?

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Honestly a fetish link can be made out of ANYTHING that used to belong you, or even a picture off of the internet. I personally prefer not to use a fetish link, and opt for strong visualaztion. If you’re worried about pyschic attack I suggest creating a protective tallsmin, and learing basic aura cleaning mediation.


Ok it is called fetish link, thank you for your reply.

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I have used emails and email addresses and even avatar pictures as fetish links x

The letter is pretty personal even if you bleach the page with ammonia later.

Trace an invisible sigil of the 3 kings of hell which help with invisibility on the letter before sending , maybe ?