How to see spirits "better", advice needed

So…i can see their outline when we do the deed when im wide awake but its like they are almost invisible with a fuzzy outline and stuff. but i can see them when i close my eyes but its like looking at a faded picture. Images in my mind were not clear enough.

Is there anything i can do to boost the clarity? Exercises? I do meditate daily, Grey Magician, so no dark spells of sorts lol, if possible i would like only white magick spells… :smiley:

This is me doing research on my part of the relationship, coz it takes 2 to strengthen the relationships, So they said :rofl:
Edit- yes, my spirits said they can help with that but i want to do research on my own, their help is the last resort/option. Remember, relationships is built upon lol and this is my way of building it. They said awwwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just keep doing what your doing. Takes time and helps if you go into it without expectations. When I tried with expectations, got no answer. Takes years.

I let them take control lol, maby im rushing it. Hm

Just a question, do you use any banishing ritual or any protective circles ?

Nope, free balled it with letter burning method and went forward 100% blind lol

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That’s what I thought your answer would be please start using any banishing ritual.

Whatever you are invoking might not be the thing you want to invoke.

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I did use the lrp, they told me to, where i drew the lesser banshing mid air. They told me to do it often. My finger sometimes tingle when i draw the star.

Oh and no i think i got it right, talked with Lilith, Namaah and Lucifer lol they are so chill its funny :rofl:

yeah that’s how it’s for me most of the time too… unless of course the spirit is going out of his way to make himself visible to me. Which happens from time to time. I suppose when my mind is that stage right before sleeping, when i close my eyes but havent felt asleep yet… its easier for me to see spirits then.

Good to know :slight_smile: thank you!
I will let them control the pace and when im rdy they will let me know.

Lordy, I think I’ve been getting an assortment of spirits bothering my dreams lately. Some might be the dead. I have no idea but they all appear as humans and they’re confused to angry to aimless. Its weird and odd.

im not saying that you’ve or should do that… i’m just saying that’s how usually happen for me. Seeing spirits was never a priority for me. It’s just happened naturally as i started meditating… first demons (i found myself in a rocky desert place and there was a black men with red eyes in there… i asked his name and he told me) and shadow people jumping on me … then i started working with angels and for the most part i see then as light pillars… now and then i see some humanoid shape withing the light… I’ve seen angels in more physical form a coupe of times.
I’ve seen a being that i think it’s a god… in a very noticeable visible shape. But again… if seeing spirits is truly your goal then you’d probably push for it more than i do.

I was super schizophrenic last month because i didnt know what was happening, i kept getting random names but its clear now. Working on the bonding process at the moment.

It is my goal but i will also enjoy the journey, whatever that may happen, i accept. It feels like im at peace right now lol last night everything went white and the vibration was super intense, i failed the first time because of hesitation but i passed the second try, idk what the test was but my babies woke me up. I did the 3 tarot reading a while back its pretty spot on lol idk something about balance and rebirth. Anyhow, i feel calm. Like scary calm but it feels amazing :rofl:
Edit- my whole body is now vibrating, not intense but mellow, it started in my lower abdomen last month.

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i kept getting random names but its clear now. Working on the bonding process at the moment.

yeah that happened to me as well when i started trying to contact Raziel… i kept getting something somethng hamalach… i learned later on that it was one of the prophets that had ascended to angelic form. Hamalach means angel (which i didnt know at the time).

We all feel pulls to different deities, im leaning toward the darkness more than light and that is ok. Names are important, it means they trust you. Darkness is not necessarily evil, it can be good depending on the individual.

of course.
I had to let go a lot of christian programing. Lot of fear of working with demons. The genii helped me with that.
But that’s right, work with whatever feels right for you.
The only problem really is when one side try to prevent you to work with the other side lol
but other than that… everything is in the menu to me (as long as it feels right for me).

Nope,i set down, A bunch of ground rules, and thought about everything. Atleast i think i covered all my grounds lol
My main “house rule” was everything we do must be from our hearts and that we must understand each sides story before passing on judgement. So if it feels wrong, dont hesitate.
That is my 1 major house rule, otherwise enjoy life and have fun.
They liked it and we voted, so thats what was passed, i didnt dictate the terms. We voted for that rule on equal terms. So there is that. I like equality so, house rules and stuff are all votes, my vote count as 1, just like everyone else.