How to remove entities w/ the 7th Seal of Mars from the Key of Soloman

I’ve seen a few people on BALG looking to get rid of demonic entities that are attached to them. Here’s a littlle trick I learned to get rid of entities.

Below is the seventh seal of mars. You are to get 7 candles and some clearance oil (or dragons blood oil) from your local occult shop or botanica. Each candle color should correspond with the planetary energy for the day of the week. Anoint your appropriately colored candle (according to planetary energy of the day) with clearance oil (or dragons blood oil) after you’ve carved your name into the candle. Burn the candle on top of this seal. This is in a way an exorcism. Burn one candle a day for 7 days and you’ll feel better and the entity will be gone.


I’m assuming that this can work for overcoming demonic oppression too, right?

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Yes, this is very effective against demonic oppression.

If you can’t get 7 candles in the colors of the planetary energies of the day then you can use 7 red candles.

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