How to remote feed in a chat

How to remote feed on a person via chat I saw some one who asked how to take sexual energy via a video with a little picture in the corner I thought It’s possible I mix up two different topics

Use the screenname as a link and feed like you normally would. Send an astral tendril and feast on them astrally.

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Wait it works just trough screen on their profile does it work with picture?

Yes, it is the same as doing it in person or with an actual name

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What would the feeling be to know I took energy from the person so I know if I did it right?

I take it you have never done vampyrism by the question. You should feel an inflow of energy, be it heat or feeling pumped up or even like water flowing into you.

You absolutely need to be sure to cleanse the energy before it enters you. Whatever imagery suits your needs (fire, a crystal ball clearing it, a white light removing inpurities) is what you use and make sure its clean before putting it in your bosy

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I have done vampirism not much but it the last time was a long time ago for me it feels like energy entering my body through the place where I imagine my psychic tendril would be a bit like a tingling sensation the feeling is in flurries high tingeling sensation than nothing and than again for around 20 sec

Can I store some of that energy in a stone I’m holding because I’m already holding one just to try it out

That sounds right, and yes you can store it in a stone, or crystal or even a sigil

Is it possible for the person to notice? Just in case better be save than sorry

Unless they practice it is unlikely. They may feel drained and not understand why but unless they are actively paying attention and understand vampirism its unlikely to be pointed to you