How to push desire into a sigil

how exactly do you push energy and emotion into a sigil or ritual? do you visualise the energy leaving you and entering the sigil?


I try to feel that energy and emotions pass to the sigil. It can be hard at the beginning, and for me not always is successfull.


yea extacly like im not sure if desire is always leaving me Tbh

Experience what your end goal is, with as many senses and as much emotional content as you can. You should be living a daydream like experience, that’s when you know you’re there.

Let that flow into the sigil, once you can no longer keep the experience going, its left you and went into the sigil. I find it’s best not to push, rather, let it flow until it’s gone out of you.


would it be normal if it took an hour?

At first, possibly. It depends on you, where you’re starting from, etc.

It took me a solid 30+ minutes when I started. Now, I can get it done in under 10.

Do you have a daily practice of energy work? That really helped me get in touch with how my bodies work and how energy and information flow through them.

That’d help your sigil work too.

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ok, sounds good, I haven’t been doing it long so 30 minutes sounds about right

yes, I meditate on my chakras two times a day for 20 minutes

There’s lots of was to push energy into a Sigil eating meditation using your hands pushing it into the sigil visualizing the sigil blood semen sex these are all fantastic ways of pushing energy into a Sigil

Sorry not eating, I meant usein

lol yeah I kinda new that, I like the thought if just holding the daydream until I can’t hold it no more tho