How to provoke and control emotions?

During majority of the rituals, visualization and feeling appropriate emotions, is very important to send the message to the universe.
Due to my obsessive and avoidant personality i neglected my emotions most of my life, and it’s incredibly difficult to me to bring them out at will during a ritual.
Any suggestion on what to do about it?


I’ll use music or music videos
Pick them out before ritual
And zone into them until I can put myself in a fake reality where whatever occurs that I can use to spark emotion.
The trick is to zine out to the vibe closest to the emotion you want to induce and it’s a very personal choice which music to use…

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Additionally to music, I recommend the comcept of recalling memories. We all gather a good pool of memories from the moment we are born till now. Memories can be very actively linked to your emotions. Just pick some memories you personally felt most emotional, for happiness, sadness, anger etc. Emotion you need. Try to focus and revive that memory. Then try to check what made you get that emotional peak at the memory you chose. Focus on that peak as a summary and recall it shortly when necessary at your ritual.

So even if you neglected emotions during your life, you surely had moments which made you emotional. Even if just a little bit, really try hard to focus on what made you happy, sad, angry etc. Use this energy and emotion then in the ritual. Its just like summarising or cutting out the most essential part of your memory, packed with emotions, for the moment to be released during your ritual.

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