How to protect my energy from parasites

So I have a friend who’s energy is being taken from them by a parasite spirit…thing. I want to know ASAP how to rid of the parasite and protect her energy reserve.


Banish. I like to banish with my servitor, I simply trace it in the air and will what needs to be gone to be gone. It’s great for spiritual hygiene and getting rid of nast entities. If they keep coming back, kill them


Refuse to kill my friend (haha funny :sweat_smile:) but the banishing thing sounds fun. Any banishing spells that would be handy?

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Fun fact, all you really need is to get yourself in the right state of mind and just will it to be.

You don’t need any ingredients or fancy tools, just visualization and a will. That alone, without SOME spell experience with the fancy words, may not work for beginner.

This is why I suggest you make your own banishing servitor.

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okay. Thanks for the help!

Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, was my first go to. A lot of people will probably say similar, due to how versatile the banishing can be.

You could try and negotiate with the entity (but I’ve learned the hard way that’s tricky as hell and much easier said than done)

EA Koetting’s Kingdom of Flame banishing works relatively well on lesser parasites as well


Type in sear bar…Lucifer’s Serpent Banishing Ritual

You want power, you go to the source


This is likely not just a spiritual problem. Whenever I have sensed parasites in my life, they have always come with a person who drains me of my precious time and energy. Sometimes they have been intentionally malicious, sometimes they just had a trivial and leeching personality.

Magickal banishing is good in these circumstances, and it is also important to identify and remove the physical manifestation of the parasite.

Some people drain others of their energy by always taking and never giving. They make many demands on you, without providing anything in return. They burden you with all of their problems, without providing you with commensurate support and without adding any true value to your life.

Other parasites exist in a constant state of negativity, which they spread to all around them. They are a drain to be around because they have become addicted to their own misery. Many are too kind to establish boundaries with these people, and so this behavior is rewarded and thus continued.

I do not mean to say that you should avoid people who come to you with their problems, or who are often in a negative mood. We’ve all been in situations where we need to receive more than we can give just then. I do think, however, that if you do not like being around someone, you are by no means obligated to keep them in your life, regardless of who they are. I will not waste my time and emotional energy with leeches when I could be enjoying good company, or pleasurable solitude.


In the book “Magickal Protection” by Damon Brand there is a ritual specifically for removing parasites.


I’m a big fan of this ritual by VK Jehannum. Also check out this thread.

Nuke 'em, Rico! :rofl:

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Thank you very much for the help.

Use psychic energy cords, imagination, and intention, and drain the parasite ( at your own risk ). Best to check energy vampire books on this subject to do it right, filters and such.
Also, they seem to not be able to take positive energy ( so I hear, but do not take that as fact, just what I heard )

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