How to protect against return magick

As you know we are all doing magick just by desiring things our subconscious creates them. Sometimes we desire the death or harm against another individual, and sometimes they happen. Since all magick must return to its source, is there a way to protect against it coming back to hurt you? Like evoking an angel to protect you? And can you protect yourself against a baneful spell returning back to you?

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you really need to read Baneful Magick my friend. And the Law of Return and Karma only apply to you if you believe that. E.A. has made pretty clear in Baneful Magick that its a bullshit rule. And i personally agree it is a thing mainstream paganism creates to control people i believe. And the only way your curse could backfire is if the person you cast it on gets wise to it and either reverses the curse to you which is usually pretty bad. Other than that i really wouldnt lose sleep over it. Also if you think of it this way it will help, when you cast a baneful spell on a person your energy goes from you to the universe/demons that carry it, to the recipient and the recipient absorbs the energy to the fullest extent. it is like a sponge that soaks up water, you just basically direct the water. And also the recipient doesnt get waterlogged like a sponge though haha.


Are you talking about something similar to a 3 x law? If so that’s bullshit. I’ve done plenty of rituals and never had anything bad come back at me I don’t ever do magic to harm people though it’s just not my bag it doesn’t seem fun if I want to hurt someone I would enjoy doing it physically. However I’ve fantasized about plenty of people dieing district attorney’s particularly and those fucks never die so I doubt you will accidentally kill someone with just mental intent and pay some cosmic price.

Never heard of anything like that before when I think of curse I think oh shit this is bad, sounds like it would be more of a blessing than a curse since the person is going to die and your looking to minimize suffering. Maybe Raphael.

If you care about them, ask their Higher Self if they need to leave now, if not, leave them the fuck alone, what looks like an un-existence to a young fit person doesn’t necessarily feel like that to someone in their twilight years, who has BEEN a young fit person for decades, and is maybe enjoying the peace.

Life is precious and important, and unless the person wants consciously to die, and also their Higher Self says it’s time, then it’s murder.

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