How to properly clean an apartment or negotiate with spirits?

Hello, the thing is that there are about three spirits living in my mother’s apartment, as I realized from my personal experience when I went out into the astral. When trying to clean the apartment with the Baal ritual and elemental spirits I heard the voice of a spirit after 40 minutes, his voice sounded as if he was standing next to me, the sound was all over the space surrounding me. I could not make out his voice as I was in some kind of shock and experiencing a rush of adrenaline, it was my first experience of a conversation in my thin field and not in my consciousness. I asked my friend to look at me and the spirits around me, and he said that a demon was near me, and he introduced himself as Baal’s servant and showed me the seal on his hand. But for some reason I don’t have much confidence in this explanation. After that, I asked the demon not to disturb me in my sleep and not to absorb my energy while I am at my mother’s apartment, and then I will not drive him out. But still there is an open question how to remove the other two spirits, they look like men and do not look like negative spirits, but the energy in the apartment so as if there are black spots and they prevent a normal sleep, as if someone stands at the door or walks around the apartment. My mother invites many people to visit and the flow of energy is great, and some have noticed that the energy in the apartment is bad, and someone even left because he could not stand it. I do not understand how to solve this problem and get rid of the feeling of presence and dark energy in the apartment, because when I cleaned my apartment and put protection I did not experience such a strong response and plus I have my own protection on the subtle plane

I also want to add that when I performed the ritual, I used alcohol, fruit and incense. When the demon spoke to my friend, he was indignant about being kicked out of his apartment. But when he spoke to me in space I didn’t feel angry or negative, it was like some kind of feeling as if he and I had known each other for a long time

Well if your mothers lived there for any amount of time, and you have ever been there- he probably does know you- whether you realize it or not.

Most people like the lbrp, I do not. I prefer the sword banishing by Damon Brand or circle banishing by Ben Woodcroft. The lbrp takes a lot more practice to do in your dreams or astrally is the biggest reason.

We also have:

But here’s the thing, they are pretty well established in your moms home from the sound of it. They probably aren’t going to just go without a fuss, but they might. Luna can help you get rid of two and keep the third or whatever you deem appropriate there.

I’ve found that with spirits that have been in one place for a long time, some don’t know they can move and some don’t want to, some will play by your rules and some you will have to demand they follow your rules or else.

Once ina while one will put up a show, try to scare you or otherwise convince you to leave them alone- don’t fall for this if you want them gone.

I find it useful to basically have a set of rules, because I get a lot of coming and going with what I do. We don’t appreciate poltergeist activity- makes my husband angry, (man he had one in here that hid his shit constantly, i couldn’t hardly believe it…) so I had to establish who I was, that I was the one going to ensure these rules were followed etc.

I noticed it really helped when I first moved in and he told me it was my kitchen, so do what I want to with it, it was my house so I could decorate or whatever.

Basically without even realizing it, he gave me authority over the spirits in his house. He’s since acknowledged that spirit work is my bag of tricks, and so on and so forth, but it helped initially because some of these spirits come across like toddlers, will push and push back just to see what you’ll do, so having them hear him tell me I could do whatever, made it clear they had no protection under him if they didn’t get it together and follow my rules.

I don’t know that I’d assume any of them demons just based on appearance, I’ve never had a spirit show me a seal, but it used to be commonly thought that a spirit couldn’t lie about their identity if they did show you their seal, so idk on that one.

I don’t find classifying the spirits as their exact type to be particularly beneficial, most distinctions I’ve made have been in how they operate or bring results. The one thing I will note is I haven’t found any demons that lurk in homes or stay like they are stuck.

If this one is always always in your moms apartment, it’s more likely to be a dead spirit, a thought form, a djinn, a servitor etc.

The other types of spirits I don’t find stick around for any amount of time. They’ll come, communicate and leave. The Loa sometimes watch for a while before they approach, but I also don’t find they choose to live here in this way.

It likely doesn’t matter, but knowing a spirits pulling the wool over your eyes or could be, can be important in how you interact with them. I personally don’t want to hear bullshit, they can be useful and those that I am able to help I will, or they can leave.

It gets nasty for them if they don’t want to play by rules and try to stay. I’ve only demonstrated once, and it was on a spirit that wouldn’t leave my kid alone in his dads house, not even mine lol.

I knew which/what it was though, I had lived in that home so, I drew it to me, I made things very very very clear as to what I would do, then I gave him a job…:eyes:

Cuz man if you can cause nightmares and sleep paralysis, this witch occasionally has a target… and that’s easier than doing it myself or dissolving the damned spirit so.

Learn to banish with a ritual, learn to banish with your energy, decided what the rules are if it’s your problem- but is if? If it’s moms full time residence and I didn’t live there, I wouldn’t get involved unless asked, unless I’d ruled out they didn’t know, weren’t fooling me, and the spirits really were a problem.

Lots of people have guides and guardians, some come through pretty loud and clear, sometimes they cause things to go awry to keep their people safe and all sorts of things, so if it’s your place to take care of, get your ducks in a row and pretty much treat them respect but be firm. If they don’t listen you will have to learn to do something about it, learn to exert your energy in a clearing way, or how to otherwise make them permanently fuck off.

I don’t find banishing for others to be particularly effective when the spirits are localized in the physical, they can just come back as soon as you are done or leave, so for some of these it’s a matter of having their respect and their belief that you will follow through.

Hope this helps some, the answer is idk what you should do, but here’s some options and thoughts! :rofl:


Just the fact that these spirits were not so long ago, the spirit, which has a demonic nature, appeared a year ago, and as I understand his functions in the astral, he can take different looks, indicating that its not a bad force to me so it seems. And two other spirits having human (?) nature appeared 4 months ago. The question of exorcising them arose when my mother began to fall ill regularly in this house. I asked her that after the guests came to her there should be some payment in the form of food or money, because my mother performs the function of a certain healer or psychologist and helps people. But the spirits living in her house are unhappy that some don’t give anything in return and because of that the energy is taken from my mother. It’s as if someone brought these spirits with him without realizing it. I just don’t like the energy of them, even when working with servants of one demon I felt their aggressive nature but it was different from the above described. As if while you are in the house they follow you around (figuratively) or stand over your soul. It is not poltergeists in the sense that there is no impact on the physical plane, but their sense of manifestation on the subtle planes is quite high. I am just afraid that they would not absorb so much energy as to lead a person to a fatal disease. The mother herself says that she feels their presence, but she doesn’t care anymore. And plus she is not going to limit her social circle to those people who drag negative energy into the house. I understand you can’t save everyone from where they don’t want to get out of.

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Where is she drawing the energy from for what she is doing? Is she accidentally draining these spirits to help others? Sounds out there, but I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want her to help others, unless she’s accidentally hurting them, or they need help to and she’s not realizing it this ignoring them.

Some spirits are just nasty and use people for food, they could have come in on someone she was healing and didn’t banish afterwards, or could be attracted to what she’s doing.

If she’s a healer of some sort, she should probably be aware of these types of things though, and of how to protect herself against them, I just sorta assumed she had no spiritual awareness or none that you were aware of, but it sounds like she should have some.

I wouldn’t consider it acceptable to let them feed of her, but at the same time it’s not really acceptable to be a healer that can’t protect yourself from what comes in the door while performing your services.

The only type of healing I’ve heard of requiring a payment is reiki, and think that’s misunderstood personally, energy is exchanged and has to come from somewhere, but gratitude serves as a pretty high payment regardless of what method you are using, the energy is very beneficial for whoever or whatever it is felt for, so I don’t usually see payments as an issue, unless one is promised then not delivered.

This is interesting, it seems like you need to know about your moms practice- it won’t do any good to run of spirits that run right back, or if she might accidentally welcome new ones in with the people she helps so, I’m not sure what to advise other than a conversation with mom.

Which can be difficult. My husband got downright angry with me, when I explained how his angry reaction to spirits moving shit actually made them do it more, rather than scared them. Fear and anger are food sources that seems to be easy for spirits to generate.

So I’m not sure what you should, you want to help her but not make her angry from questioning her practices, but her practices could be the most revealing part of what’s going on.

Yes you are correct in your description.
She has basic spiritual knowledge but it’s mostly based on runes and room cleansing. She used to do it when I was little so the spirits wouldn’t bother me. After I grew up she didn’t do anything like that anymore.
She heals people unconsciously and those who come to her afterwards become successful, get married, or get rid of their bad habits, and the opposite happens to those who are weak in spirit. I have already told her that she is not obliged to help every second person and that people just take advantage of her help and that’s why her house is like a den for spirits, but she doesn’t hear me. And when she has too much energy inside she will call some friend of hers and yell at him to get her energy back on track. Almost like an energy vampire. Because of all the things she described, it’s like she’s degraded (?). She stopped working at her regular job and as a mother she is becoming more and more distant from me. When she comes to my house she is in a hurry to go back to her place. It’s as if she has a lack of exactly those energies in her apartment.

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Doesn’t sound healthy at all, but if she’s not aware of where she’s going wrong, I don’t know what you can do except maybe clear the space, use Luna if you need to to get the nasty spirits to leave, the third spirit might be okay, Baal is an alright spirit in my life, so hard to say for you and hope that maybe once it’s clear she can understand better.

She might get real angry at fixing the problem though, at first- a lot of times when people are being used like a food source they get irritable if it seems like someone might make those spirits go away- almost like the emotions/feelings of the spirit are bleeding into their own and they can’t sort them out.

So it could get worse before it gets better, even if you do something but I have to agree it sounds unlikely she will wake up and save herself.

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