How to program a Radionic Device for protection

Hey All,

Is there somebody that knows how to program a radionic device for protection? maybe with geometric symbols and intent?


You can pretty much do just about anything depending on how many boxes you have… you can just use a piece of selenite on the input and a witness sample for you on the output to cleanse unwanted negative energy. One of the best things to do is make a servitor for protection and feed it with a picture of the sun. Or even better do a hunter killer setup.


Yeah i bought materials for two boxes, my plan was to use one for protection and let it run 24/7 mainly against astral parasites or hostile/negative entities. i want to invoke/evoke spirits and i don’t want something dangerous showing up that i cant handle
i already made the seal of manifestation that Micah channeled

And the other box i would use for specific operations. i also going to build a helmet. could you give me tips what i can do it that

what that my brother?

i was told to print out a hexagon and place a picture of my self in the middle. do you know more about that ?

I have not used a helmet yet… hunter killer is pretty much like it sounds. You make a servitor to look endlessly for a potential threat and a servitor to neutralize any potential threat. Uncle chuck and dr mulder came up with it. It takes 3 boxes , 1 to use as a power supply, I like to use a picture of the sun. 2 is for the hunter, you can make a servitor or just use a picture of some hunters or a recon team. 3 is the killer and if you don’t want to use a servitor you can use a picture of a serial killer or a picture of archangel Michael or whatever… daisy chained together.

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The selenite works really well… it can even get rid of a curse or a neg… I have not heard about the hexagon but I’m sure it’ll probably work. It seems like just about anything will work

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yeah the person showed me this

he was saying hexagram the whole time, it confused me i said do i need to use a hexagon or hexagram?
anyway thank you very much for the information brother.
right now i want to try out first the two boxes that i going to make. after that i going for the hunter killer setup.
as for the killer box can i also attach two demons or only one?
because Belial and Pazuzu might be a excellent combo.

The hexagon is probably an amplifier pattern to be glued on the inside of the box… maybe… chucky uses a amplifying pattern on the inside of his boxes and you can download it for free on his website. Yeah you can use 2 demons if you want. What are you using for a power supply? I’ve been thinking about making some myself.

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The person did not said i need to use the hexagon as a amplifier. he said i need to place the hexagon on top of the input or output. i cant remember correctly which of the two. because the moment i spoke with him, i was 52 hours awake. (doing the sleep deprivation technique) but i know for sure he showed the top part of the box not the inside.
He said that i can use the hexagon for protection (if i placed my picture in the middle) and if i wanted to send a energy signal to someone or something than i also could use the hexagon. he said the hexagon canceled out or blocked all interference.

then he show me this circle.

Radionic amplifier circle

He said if i wanted to amplify the energy than i would need this circle. than he grabbed a pyramid, it looked that it was made from thick paper or cardboard and placed it on top of that circle which laid on top of the radionic device.
he said this would also increase the energy.

I am familiar with the circle that goes inside the box, as far i know is this the proper amplifier

But than again i only watched one video on how to build these devices. So if i am wrong please correct me. i did ordered this book Psychic Power : Techniques and Inexpensive Devices that Increase Your Psychic Powers the author is Charles Cosimano, i believe thats Uncle Chucky (i did not yet received the book though)

Psionic Power

This is the video tutorial - YouTube

i could not find this book that the person from the video showed.

i asked the person that i spoke on face book about power sources, because i want that the device can run 24/7.
He said it don’t need a power source, also the radionic device from the video don’t utilize a power source. however the person from the video did installed two 1/4" input jacks. but than again i don’t know if thats a input for a power supply.
i reached out to the person from the video. but he did not responded back. does these type of machines need power? i thought they are only symbolic devices

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Yeah Charles casimano is uncle chucky… amplifying patterns work for all kinds of stuff… yeah radionics is way better with power and crystals. Some people use one big crystal for the whole box, other people use a small crystal on every connection. I’m sure if you search for radionics box schematics you’ll find lots of ideas. I’ve never made a box myself but I have some ideas. If you don’t make a powered box you should still put quartz crystal in it. Then later on when you make a powered box you can daisy chain it with your non-electronic boxes… I have a few powered boxes and They work really well. You can do some things with radionics that you can’t do with regular magic.

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Could you elaborate, you made me curious. I am all ears.

Thanks for the crystal tip. I will implement it for sure.
I guess I could connect those wires with a battery. But then again I am not an electrician. I don’t want to cause fires. Just as you said I need to search for schematics.

Do you know if there is a radionics forum. I did a quick google search but found nothing.

thanks to you great advise i checked around and found this

i was thinking maybe i can ask a demon to charge the crystals. i could imagine that a box that got its crystals charged by a demon. would be more powerful than a standard radionic box that got crystals and a battery. what is do you think? should i implement battery’s in my boxes if i ask demons to charge the crystals? the reason i ask this is because i don’t know much about electricity. But i do know that it can cause fire if one hook up something the wrong way.
I also saw one sketch with a antenna. thanks again man your advise came at the right moment

Some of the things you can do with radionics that you can’t do with regular magic… feeding spirits with a picture of the sun is definitely on the list. You can also make programs with a large crystal or even better a jar of quartz sand. You can literally store like a taro byte in a small jar of sand which brings me to another useful thing you can do… you can lock your programs in so that nothing more comes in or out , then you can make copies of the program. You lock any talisman so it can go into direct sunlight, water or X-ray with out removing or messing with its charge… locking in a program or a talisman is definitely a useful tool that I use a lot. There’s more but I would do some research. There’s a book I bought awhile ago “a fun course in radionics” by kelly research tech. I borrowed some ideas from that and made it my own. It has a collection of “rates” but I don’t dial the rates on the box, I write them down on a small piece of paper with a short description of what it does and use it as a witness sample… you can also splice from one program or source to another…


Yeah I’m sure charging crystals with demons will work. I don’t really know any good forums for radionics, never really looked.

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thanks for the recommendation of that book, i going to check it out, thanks!

okay so you can store programs in quartz sand. but can that jar broadcast the programs? i am bit confused of the purpose of storing programs in quartz sand.

So basically with the operations/programs the imagination is the limit i see. as for charging, i could write on a small piece of paper that the raw power of xyz nuclear power plant is charging the crystals 24/7?

also in a previous comment you used to word ¨neg¨ i tried to google it, could you tell me what you meant with the word neg

Yeah the program will act as a talisman by itself. I made a money program when I first got my boxes. I’ll use it as a broadcast sometimes but I mostly use it to program candles and incense for my prosperity work, and it works really well! Sometimes I use it to program pendants for people… A neg is short for negative entities. Again selenite works really well for getting rid of negs and even a curse. Another cool thing you can do is take a sigil of a spirit of your choice and program a item of your choice for protection or whatever and program it to be powered by the sun or your enemies… lock it in and bam! You can literally do this with anything any number of times and fortify your whole house, property, car or whatever. Wind chimes work really well for this… not sure if you already know this but the dr Liz and dr mulder show on YouTube is a good place to learn a lot of this stuff. It’s my favorite spiritual podcast on YouTube


What radionic device are you speaking about? I want to get rid of an unwanted possession. Thank you