How to productively deal with overcharge

Just casting a line out here, going to wait for someone with a higher consciousness and understanding to respond.

I need a personal symbol of power. I get overcharged, and I want to focus my energy into something productive.

What’s a good place to look?

I feel like I’m going to get overcharged a lot lately. Right now I feel like all of my chakras are balanced out, but they’re all supercharged to the point where I’m just some sort of being of madness and energy and I got a headache.

Better question, how do I do something with this?

Enchant something to hold the excess!

I find that metal or stones works very well.

When you’re trying to make something that stores/contains another something, there’s just a few steps.

Consecration/cleansing of the object. Some people use sage and traditional banishing methods, some ritualistically ‘kill’ the old item to bring it’s new form to reality. You can do whatever, so long as you’re making the vessel a ‘blank slate’. If you know how to use energetic flame, blue flame works, as well as the purple.

After that is done, you want to make a ‘matrix’. Pretty much turning the item into a ‘chest’ that can hold things. The method I learned was to use a deep, and sincere emotion and lay it like bricks over the outline of the object. A false emotion, or lack of focus will leave your matrix a little ‘loose’, and though it may hold for a time, the energy you store will dissipate sooner or later due to the matrix’s inability to hold shape.

After that, just channel the excess energy into the enchanted object, to do with what you will at a later date.

Protip- this can also be done by crafting your own sigil to do so.

As others will probably say, if you’re supercharged and its excessive, research grounding methods and do some of them. I’ve found that if you ground in random, unprotected space, it will draw more ‘attention’ from parasites. But then again, being supercharged 24/7 has a similar effect.

Question max do you have a pathworking that you’re on or not? You bounce and hop around like a child would.

The issue is the same that I had as you, I couldn’t stay particularly focused on several aspects that I felt like taking everything at once but it’s not easy to digest everything at once just take one thing at a time.

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I don’t know what to tell you, but my method of working is actually pretty decent for me. If you can accept that, and not really ask too many questions beyond that, that’d make me happy.