How to prevent sleep paralysis as I reattempt to lucid dream/astral project again

So every time I’ve taken a serious attempt at either astral projecting or more often lucid dreaming – I really struggle with sleep paralysis. And I do NOT want to experience that again. Last time I was dealing with some creepy ass insect (very large) thing chewing at the back of my neck (I actually think it’s a product of my mind, since it only came when I became afraid and then when I worried it would every time I had sleep paralysis). The other time when I called out to my “spirit guide” for help (first time I experienced this) I HEARD a very creepy robotic (raspy) not human sounding voice saying “breathe” 3 times to which I hyperventilated myself awake. So I guess it worked.

I do wonder if that’s what spirits sound like. I mean they aren’t human so I guess it would make sense they wouldn’t sound like one if they could actually make noise. And no I don’t normally actually hear spirits with my ears…this was the only time during sleep paralysis. Was creepy as heck.

Anyways I would really like to avoid anything like this again. My issue is, whenever I have the intention of seriously having a lucid dream or something, I get these spontaneous sleep paralysis episodes. Like the two seem to go hand-in-hand. Usually for lucid dreaming I’ll record my dreams as soon as i wake up. I go to bed with the intention of having a lucid dream.

And for some reason I start struggling with sleep paralysis or more commonly feeling like I’m about to fall into an episode of sleep paralysis when I wake up. I usually wake up feeling very groggy but the difference these time being that I struggle to get my body moving…like I feel like I’m about to be paralyzed. My body will feel physically weak and it’s a HUGE struggle to even move my fingers or toes (which I do to prevent sleep paralysis). This sucks…

So any tips?

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Sleep paralysis is necessary for projection. It is at that point the soul is beginning to detach from the physical body. The hallucination aspect is just the physical brains fear of death and overreaction as well as likely random input to your senses as you separate from the layers of energy that define your physical body.

Could also be signs of the level of the astral you will exit upon as well. You can’t project and retain control over your body once you are out you are out and your body will have no input unless you divide yourself between body and projection which causes a whole host of sensory issues.

Sleep paralysis should be considered a sign of success as the body becomes paralyzed and less likely to interfere and your energy body start to naturally loosen and open to allow the soul to exit.


Huge mistake man!! Do NOT freak out! You will be obtaining a very bad habit that will slowly traumatize yourself making astral projection attempts harder each time. You would have to spend time to break those blockages if it gets really bad.

Look you are doing great! Whenever you reach sleep paralysis, it means that you are 90% there to a successful conscious astral projection.

The only thing you need to do at this point is use an astral projection exit technique and boom your off.

Do not be afraid these imagined things… these “ manifestations” will not hurt you, they are a simple test to see if you are ready. You must literally not let it bother you… these test will come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes you have to face these things by literally looking at it and affirming to yourself out loud, “I’m am not afraid of you, I am astral projecting now” do this for a good moment and just stare at it on how it’s not actually hurting you… and then turn your back and leave. Do not pay attention to it anymore no matter what sounds you hear or thoughts you get. You’ll notice after awhile that it is gone.

Repeat this affirming practice facing the manifestation as many times as necessary for you and always do it better and boost the confidence on it each time, turn your back, leave and don’t think about… Youll notice later on when you think about it. That its actually gone.


When you try to exit your body during sleep paralysis, you ll loose too much energy, you might end up not going far. You are experiencing sleep paralysis because you weren’t relaxed enough but with time you ll be able to project without even noticing the paralysis. But as you kinda new to this astral project , it is really a good sign that you are on the right path with astral travel. The best way to get rid of sleep paralysis is not to do the astral projection through lucid dreams. That’s the method I use

It helps me when I focus on my thumbs and rotate them in circles.

Sleep paralysis is actually a good sign, but you gotta acclimatise to it. If it freaks you out then you’re more likely to be subject to bad experiences.

The best thing to do is WILD, and/or to train yourself to awaken without moving or opening your eyes. I recommend reading The Phase by Michael Raduga.

If you do experience sleep paralysis you can exit it swiftly by changing to manual breathing mode. You mentioned hyperventilating; that’s one way. The other way is to deliberately breathe very slowly and deeply. Any change in your breathing pattern will trigger your brain to register consciousness and unlock you. But if you can get used to sleep paralysis, it’s a good way to leave your body easily. If you have a matron/patron or entity you’re close to, call out to them mentally in sleep paralysis to guard you and it should make you feel safe and dispel any gremlins.

I’ve had a handful of bad experiences in sleep paralysis/the hypnagogic state but I’ve also had the majority of AP/OOBE experiences from it. So, I look forward to being in sleep paralysis now.

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I’m pretty sure the insect thing was my own mind. I did call out that other time to my “guide” (like any guides watching over me, didn’t have a specific one in mind) and I heard that robotic raspy voice thing telling me to breathe…it freaked me out to cause it sounded very unnatural but it’s also cause that’s the first time I’ve “heard” a voice. Which makes sense cause it’s sleep paralysis. Also saw weird green goo hanging on my ceiling too lol. Thought I was tripping until I realized I couldn’t move and realized I was having sleep paralysis. Which is when I called for my guide or whatever (and closed my eyes cause I know you can see things).

It’s hard to because my body feels weak, like even moving my fingers and toes when I feel I’m about to have an sleep paralysis episode is tough. It’s weird. Like I can feel myself “sinking” into it.

I have a fear of bugs irl, I’m not about to see a probably monster-looking human sized insect in front of me during sleep paralysis. I’ve been keeping my eyes closed every time I end up in an episode. Cause I know I’ll freak out.

I really wish it wasn’t necessary :frowning:

I quite often feel like some sort of decay, and currents pulling me back, like a wave pulling me back into my body, I can’t describe it better. But it helped me to focus on my thumbs, and I give myself a kind of command, it also helps me if I repeat myself during the day - the next time I have such a situation, I will act like that…
As for the robotic sound, I’ve also heard that, and sometimes, like when the devices are tuned before a concert, you can hear a beeping sound, followed by a normal voice.

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Oh bro, you just gotta do it… You just have to have the understanding in your mind that’s your not going to get hurt no matter what it does…

Even if you feel like your about to piss your pants, just know that your not going to get hurt! Your stronger than that! Stay Calm and relaxed.

You don’t necessarily have to look at it, but I mean I would recommend to train for those kinds of test for when they come, or if they come.