How to pray to Demons/Angels?

Hi guys!

I have decided to work with some demons and my friend is going to work with some angels - I was wondering how you guys pray to them?
What do you say? Do you do it daily or just when it feels like it?

This is new to us so we are just wanting to make sure we do it right!


Um…most of us don’t pray. We call.


Demonic Speed dial, gotta love it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Prayer to them likely won’t be as effective as just calling and talking to them via Sigil, or other method in various powerful books or full evocation as discussed on this site.

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I wouldn’t think that praying is good to them as that would put them on a pedestal. They are there to help us. Treat them like equals? instruct them. call them. praying is like making them to be higher beings then us. I kinda don’t like the word praying as it takes away our own responsibility. praying feels like your depending on them.

Pick a demon
Call out to them.
(Using a sigil to start with)
Sense their presence.
Ask your questions.
Recieved your answers.

Sometimes they call you.
Massive vibrations throughout the body when reading about them or seeing their sigils.

Treat them with respect.
Set boundaries if you have to.

When they speak it could be.
Internal dialog

Sometimes it can take a while to get the answers you seek. Don’t stress if you don’t get the answers straight away. It can be frustrating to start with.

The answers always come.
Keep working on yourself.

Anything I need to know that doesn’t have a physical action that I can take to achieve.
Self empowerment.
Getting stronger
Shadow work
What next step to take
Changing reality

Daily, when it’s needed.
The more you do it, the stronger the connection becomes.

To be fair a prayer is not really all that different from calling, prayers are just a vocalized form of a sigil in my opinion. Both prayer and public sigils are open to other beings hijacking the phone line and showing up, both are capable of reaching out to the entity in question and calling them to you if they so choose to show up.

When praying just don’t treat it like how religious people pray to their God or Goddess, but more like a simple reach out because prayer can work the same way as a spell.


Just saw this since I’m on this looking at S. Connolly current atm.

More than a prayer is better to celebrate life and have awesome sex on their sigils. Demons love life, emotions, sentiments, orgasmic energy.


On one occasion in the last years I prayed to a Demon (don’t remember who, btw) as indeed an ancient god, I followed an impulse, my intuition. I asked for “something”, not getting it, but indeed especially with such a religious approach, treating a Spirit almost like a dispenser…