How to perform and interpret future readings

Hi all,
Since joining I’ve noticed a few threads based around this topic, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes putting down some advice for people not to sure on what they should he doing.
Methods of taking a reading:
There are a few basic methods of taking a reading. You can scry, use a tarrot deck, or read the astral directly. I’d imagine there are a few other methods but these are just the ones I use.
A tarrot deck is arguably the easiest, as each card already has some ascribed meanings. So it’s just a matter of choosing the correct meaning of the card, with respect to the other cards that have been drawn along side it.
Although, in my experience, it is also the least accurate. The set meanings generally produce a less tailored and more vague reading.
The next method is scrying. This involves taking a medium, such as a glass of water or other easily flowing liquid, and focusing your intent into it. This intent could be vague, like what’s my future or specific, like should I give gift A or gift B.
Spill the liquid onto a flat surface. The liquid should be spilled gently but all at once, don’t slosh it across the surface.
Next you should focus, gently, upon how the liquid has pooled. You will need to feel the answer and read it off the shape of the puddles.
I’d recomend a more viscous liquid, such as blood, because this tends to form the puddles a little easier and doesn’t run as far. ( You’ll want a glass’ worth, so I’d advise against using your own. Animal blood is a good choice).
This method is more accurate and faster once you get the hang of it, but it does require you to be more attuned to the astral and have pretty good astral senses.
The final method is just reading directly off the astral. By far the most challenging, but it’s alot faster and just as accurate as the puddle reading I just covered.
Enter a meditative state as you would for any ritual and allow your focus to drift to your own influence on the astral. Focus your intend and read how it effects the flow of energy through the astral. Read as with the previous method.
A few little things to note are:
You may see multiple results, this is fine. The future is dictated by your actions and you’ll want to assess each and go with the most likely.
It’s important to always enter the meditative state.
Don’t forget to go with your initial reading. It’s very easy to influence what you see and tailor it to your preference, obviously this will give an incorrect reading.
Hope this helps a few people out
All the best and happy reading

Technically, it’s much easier to start scrying with fire than blood, a couple days ago, I was given loose tea for Christmas and I saw this as an opportunity to scry into the tea leaves after I had drank the cup. I wanted to know about next year, and it lined up with automatic writing that I did, as well as a Tarot reading I had done for me.

You can literally scry into anything when you become good enough. Do you have a popcorn ceiling, scry into that. Having a walk through nature, stare at the trees and scry into them; stare at a busy ant hill and scry into that; spot a river or a creek and scry into that.

You could also create an omen system for the movement of cars, for me each color means something different. So, I’ll sit somewhere with a journal and write down the order of the cars, which are going to the right and which are going to the left, all the while contemplating your question. Then, when you feel done go home and find out the grander meaning.

You can do a similar thing by going for a walk and tallying the people that pass you (or that you pass) what’s the dominant color of their clothing? Are there minor colors that stick out to you? Are they a man or a woman? Do they look younger or older than you? Any noticeable features: are they shirtless? Do they have tattoos or piercings? Hair (and if possible, eye) color?

Really, anything canbecome a divination system. The Seer’s job is to see, and to see what others don’t see. A divination system can arise from almost anything.

Just look at this list: there are 371 different forms of divination on here. But, the true Seer sees beyond already established forms of divination and the entire world becomes his form of divination.