How to open astral senses without Blue Flame Meditation?

A common answer for beginners on how to develop astral senses to see/hear/feel/etc entities is EA Koetting’s Blue Flame Meditation. Now as much as I’d like to make that exercise a daily part of my routine, I don’t think the room I’m in would allow candles. Are there methods I can use to open my senses without that or a modified version of that?

When people evocate, they use candles and incense. Would entities (like Lucifer, Sastan, Krehl’a’teral, Belial, Azazel, or King Paimon for instance) be less likely to appear if I didn’t have any candles or incense and just wrote their sigils down on notepad paper, stared at it and chanted (straight from EA Koetting’s The Book of Azazel ) “Alash tad Al’ash tal Ashtu.”

Also, I don’t think I’d face that much interruptions from roomies or friends who come in to visit my dorm. One of them said in a conversation that he was a Satanist, and nobody cared that much, and some people have Lavey’s Satanic Bible (I know that isn’t the same as the Satanism here, but still), and I even have chanted “Itzrel Azazel” and “Eye on ca Azazel aken” in a quiet whisper and my roomie doesn’t care, and I even stared at a notepad page with Azazel’s sigil on it and roomies don’t care, so I’m good there.

Speaking of those chants, I do chant them, but I haven’t felt Azazel’s presence yet and I don’t think I’ve heard his voice in my head either, don’t feel anything or different temperatures, nor any signs or smells in my room. Does he not like me so he doesn’t appear? Sometimes I ask (when nobody’s around) “if you’d like help for anything, I’d love to help you out, just let me know what you want” and I still don’t notice anything; I offer my service if they want anything and still no answer. I haven’t heard that Azazel is the demon to go to when trying to open astral senses, should I just stick with Sastan or Lucifer because I’ve heard that they are great for that purpose.

No, you do not need candles or incense. They are tools for the magician, not the spirits. They don’t care. You can evoke with nothing but your mind.

Incense is only required as a manifestation base for a physical evocation of a spirit. It’s not required for an astral evocation or a shamanic journey.

As for the Blue Ray Meditation, a physical candle is easier to draw the energy from but you could also use a visualized one, if you can focus your mind long enough.

A long ways back, a member here made a gif of a blue candle for use with the meditation. I don’t think they survived the conversion to the new software though, but let me see if I can find it.


Try using this for the Blue Ray Meditation: