How to open a blog that blocks any magic

Finally after 5 years of searching and wondering why my magic is not working. I decided to use the services of a black magician. He confirmed that I have a seal that completely blocks my abilities, no matter what I try to do in magic . He read my original chart in astrology, according to him, I have 8th house, this is the house of harmful magic, you can say the house of death. I have the Sun, Jupiter is there, they are under the influence of the South Node - the karma of the past. My incarnation in this world is a punishment for my past. I have done black magic in the past. If I can break the seal and do black magic again, I will be much worse in terms of health, which I do not have, and I will be even more punished for my actions. But I can’t live without it, I want to get my abilities back, even if the price is my health and my existence in this world. But without it, I feel empty. Unfortunately, he can’t help me with my block and advised me to look for a more experienced practitioner or go to the demons of the Goetia. How can I open this seal and start doing all this again if I don’t know how to work with demons and magic in general?

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Contact your Higher Self. It is basically the Greater You so it can’t really be blocked by anything.


What is the best way for me to do this? If magic is closed to me?

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Shamanic journeying is how I usually meet with my Higher Self.