How to offer semen or blood to a spirit?

I know that spirits accept these offerings but how do you go about this? I know there is way put blood or semen on the sigil of the spirit but do you keep making sigils? How do you dispose of these types of offerings?

Just wanted to get some answers from you guys.

The art of grounding and in-jack.

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First of all not all Spirits want semen or/and blood. It’s better to work first a bit with the said Spirit and then go as far as to offer any of the two. Unless you know for sure that this offering will be welcomed.

You mean if you dispose them after? Depends the work you’re doing. Personally I might keep the bloody sigil (lol) for few days but I would never keep the semen one. It’s gross! Plus, I’d rather give fresh offerings.

I do it the same way with all the other sigils, I burn them and release the ashes to the nature.