How to Manifest Just By Thinking?

We all use various kinds of magick. Some use candles and oils. Some use sigils and enns. Some use alchemy and planetary forces. Some use herbs, roots and mojo bags. And most of us combine one or several of the above.

But, the thing is, that we all DO something. We have to put forth some physical spellwork effort/work to get results.

But is this all just based upon your individual level of conscious awareness? Like if I have ascended completely will I not need candles or herbs nor goetic sigils or enns?

Do you believe that once your subconscious truly realizes, believes and accepts its own Godhood then all things are possible to manifest with just a thought; since ALL that is manifest is just thought in the one Godhead?


Well I believe when you realize yourself what you are capable of and shen you develop enough energy,process happens automatically in some cases.Did I become a god? Nah,not yet, do I sometimes manifest stuff like this, hell yes I manifested lots of books for example :smiley:

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Yeah I can’t do it consistently. Mostly little stuff.

But I once accidentally cursed someone because I was so mad at them. I kept talking shit about them in my head; for like a year! I specifically referred to the persons face being ugly and forever infected and for their worst fear to come true. (This person really hurt me/my life).

I never did any work on them and I wasn’t actively attempting to curse them. I was just rambling in my head. Then I found out through a family member that that person now has face cancer! And they have to get 6 to 8 large needle injections into their face as part of the treatment. And this persons biggest fear…NEEDLES!

I felt so horrible. I still do. They didnt deserve that, imo. This person is a family member and I would never actually wish that on someone I care about or really anyone for that matter. :pensive:


Lolol. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Me neither…

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How to manifest by thinking? Put 100% thought energy into something with out giving a care in the world if it manifests.

100% Thought Energy + 100% Detachment = Successful Manifestation by Thinking

Harder to do, consistently, then it seems.


Also feeling it succeeded from start!

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Yes indeed. I forgot that secret ingredient. Visualizing the result as if it has already happened/ happening.


I do this quite often it’s really annoying tbh

“I havent had doughnuts in awhile”

Next thing I know someone brings me some it’s the worst because I havent quite figured out the science to bring anything to me any other way. Yet randomly can do it just fine lol.


Yes, consciousness is the only reality and everything that has form is a type or arrangement of consciousness. The individual self-concept determines the individual experience.

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Omg yes. I cannot figure out the exact formula to do it consistently.

Years ago I was in the city walking to a friends house and I was so hungry for pizza. I almost stopped on the way but decided to wait til I arrived so I could eat with my friend.

Not one min after I decided to wait did some random man across the street make a bee-line strait towards me holding a box of Papa Johns Pizza! He was like “Hey, you look hungry.” (I swear on everything!) “Do you want a slice of my pizza?” I was so F’ing flabbergasted I just stood there staring and trying to figure out if was real.

Then I said “Well yes, actually I’m starving.” Then he opened the box and it was a full fresh piping hot cheese pizza! He gave me not 1 but 2 slices. And then he had to get back to work and I continued on to my friends house.


I think it’s law of attraction territory and Neville Goddards teachings are pretty good for learning how it’s done - doing it on the other hand is much harder… living in the end result, ignoring current reality etc

His stuff on going to sleep in the wish fulfilled is easier to try (essentially just falling asleep feeling that what you want has already manifested)


If you go into a deep meditation and visualize various things they will start to fall into place