How to make two conspirators against one fight?

I have two conspirators fighting me. Living gods, How can I make them fight/hate on each other and then path ways? Divide them away from me

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The Sixty-third Spirit is Andras. He is a Great Marquis, appearing in the Form of an Angel with a Head like a Black Night Raven, riding upon a strong Black Wolf, and having a Sharp and Bright Sword flourished aloft in his hand. His Office is to sow Discords. If the Exorcist have not a care, he will slay both him and his fellows. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits, and this is his Seal, etc. -Lesser Key of Solomon.


How do I use it? Sir/madam, Please provide a step by step guide?

How are they are why are they fighting against you?


I am blunt truth advocate to my boss and they are hypocrites who like to sugar coat truth and gain advantage. They paint me badly in the eyes of my boss.
Kindly help me sir.

There’s your step by step guide.

Please don’t make this like your other posts /facepalm.


Have you read them your selve? Any step by step guide? Are you a bot?

Hi Sir, could you please outline steps to take to achieve success?

All the steps you need are outlined here:

Read it.

Try it.

Ask questions after you’ve read it and tried it. No one is here to spoon-feed you.


You must learn to become smug. Let their energy flow off of you like water on a ducks back. It will take time but you gota become emotionally immune to them. I don’t comprehend your whole situation but everything is energy. There behavior responds to an energetic flow. Understand that flow.


Lol don’t get attitude when you’re the lazy one who can’t seem to think his way out of an open room.

You just keep making posts instead of listening or reading what people give you.
@charles9 was very kind and posted links That Do Help but you are admitting you don’t bother to even look at them.
I’m done with you, figure it out yourself.

Unlike you I DO lerk and read this forum and have learned how to do some incredible things just from reading.


:point_up_2: This

I was here for a very long time and did nothing but use the search function before I even made an intro. You’re really missing out if you don’t put in that effort.


Is that a sigil or seal or both mean same thing? I was asked to follow the link provided below which is basically about Sigils. Please Sir, could you share more light on what is or not?

Excuse me Alita…what is your problem. Is it wrong to make valid post?

Yes, they do mean the same thing. :+1:


So basically, in my case all I need do to call on Andras to harm my enemy is visualize, gaze amongst other instructions provided in the link above???

Please how do I protect myself against any possible harm while doing the visualization? Is magical circle necessary?

Yesa, it’s like the simplicity of dialling someone’s number on a cellphone to send a text message.

You may not get dramatic visualisation at first but you will get through.

No, but you may want to have a shower or bath, or do the method using light described in this video:

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You are not making valid posts… just stop talking to me, you’re a lost cause until you start doing instead of whining.

Sorry ma’am.