How to make someone communicate with you more often?

What’s up BALGers. I’m in a very irritating situation presently and it stems from blocks in communication with my current romantic partner. In person communication is great, but I don’t see her in person all that often and her online and text communication are awful. I know it’s not that she doesn’t like me, because when I see her at work or in person, she runs up and kisses me. So I’m left wondering, WTF? So how would I boost this communication with her using magick? If her communication was better, even a little bit, I would honestly be completely emotionally satisfied.


Mercury. Stimulate her throat chakra (why does that sound like a sexual innuendo?) Work with air spirits. And Mercury.


As far as demons go you can always summon King Paimon and he’ll take care of that real fast, however a better spirit to call upon might be Nesbiros, generally he offers fantastic advice for situations like yours without going the total domination route like Paimon does most of the time…(No offense King Paimon but you know it’s true.:wink:)


@charles9 I might just go with Paimon and Sallos. It’s just so irritating. I wonder if Paimon would help if it’s a love situation? Normally he hates that shit in my experience. @Fallen_Angel I wonder if King Paralda would be a good choice?

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What is the reason behind that, I mean like is she so busy, or she controls herself for any reason ( some sort happened to me btw my gf in the past) ; maybe a divination about all that and the possible consequences of the path you will follow ( you may get rid of obstacles but will that be good on you etc. ) may help, at least initially. Once things known to you, you may apply the cure.

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Your post reminds me of a book a lady at work gave me, The Five Love Languages. It dealt with ways to show commitment to a partner and how to request it in return. From what I remember you already have half the battle fought. Your lady of interest is showing you how she feels each time you see her, but perhaps you are desiring it in her written communication as well. That may be foreign to her. Tell her what you need and then ask the same of her. No magick, just honest dialogue. If she care for you she will have that conversation. Honesty is the magick that will change both of you into the power couple you deserve.

Not that you’ve asked, but I’m on your side. You’ve got this. If it is any consolation, no one runs up to me at work and kisses me. Instead, I get a copy of The Five Love Languages book. Ouch!

Dude, you rock!


So far divination hasn’t revealed much other than it isn’t a loss of affection. It’s kind of maddening. She did say she was taking a break from social media tho so perhaps that deals with it.

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I’ve toyed with the idea but I don’t want to appear desperate. Divination has revealed that the situation will improve but I’m not sure when or how.

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I feel you. It’s hard when you really like someone and it doesn’t feel equal. You deserve to be loved the way you need.

Sometimes when a man shows his vulnerable side and opens up to his feelings, women feel and see that and come rushing in to be there for you. What men perceive as desperate is often perceived as honesty by women.

So I’m full disclosure, I’m gay. Over the years I’ve been privy to some of the deepest secrets by women of what they want and need from men. Be brave, face your fears and bare your heart. That may be the catalyst for the predicted change. It can happen sooner than you think.

She is a lucky lady.


I’m going to stop by her work tonight and talk it out. I’m honestly so terrified but I’ve got to know.

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It will be good to know one way or the other. If this one is not it- then it’s because the right one is waiting patiently for her chance.

You’ve got this. You go guy!


@Marak You were right. I had nothing to fear. She was simply experiencing some depression and feeling overwhelmed/overworked. We talked about it and made out. I told her that if there was anything I could do, to merely say the word. When I got home from seeing her we talked on the phone and she is off work tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow we get to hang out. I have a special surprise for her. If not tomorrow, then Tuesday.


Awesome outcome! Thanks much for the update because I was wondering how it went. You used the most powerful magick of all. Your heart.

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Now all I have to do is bring my damned pessimistic mind under reign and not ruin the whole thing through over thinking.

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When you really care for a person that happens at first. But in time you’ll learn to trust each other. Just take it one day at a time and live for the moment. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Could I possibly channel Dr Oz any harder? I truly need to cut back on the self help.

how did this end for you?

I’ll let you know when I know :confused:

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I was thinking about you tonight and wondering how it’s going with your special lady?

She lead me on :confused: