How to make Healing water

  1. Get a glass, and fill it with water.

  2. Place your right hand over it, and picture light coming up from the core of earth into the glass of water, you can picture it coming from stars also, do this until you can really feel the warmth coming out of your hand, infusing the water. I like to say a prayer over it too, and for protection.

  3. Cool rocks/crystals. You may want to research the powers of the different colored crystals and stones before proceeding.

  4. Now to cleanse the crystals, let them run under the faucet for a few, and then to infuse them with different qualities, blow on each one three times, then whisper to it what quality you want it to possess. Example (Purity, Strength, Wisdom, Courage, Protection)

  5. Now drop the crystals into the water and let it sit for atleast 10 minutes before drinking it, better to wait half an hour.

  6. Enjoy the crazy good vibes you recieve from the power of light and stone.

  7. You may want to recharge the crystals under the full moon every month.

If you are skilled enough you can transfer this healing to a friend.

Great information! Could you use this for healing specific injuries and illnesses such as a hurt knee or the flu?

You can use magical water or soup to heal specific injuries. Its a good idea to check the specifics of crystals. Some crystals are toxic if ingested or soluble in water. There are ways of working with these without harming yourself- check out authors such as Judy Hall for good info about crystals. Alternately you can use Etheric or Imaginary Crystals both instead and in addition to using real crystals.

You can just use energised water- which can be solar or lunar or Reiki or even Runic.

Try drawing a URUZ rune over a glass of water and visualising or imagining or intending the runelight empowering the water. Uruz is a powerful healing rune.

Any empowered water can be given as a gift- its blessed by you as a Living God.