How to make demons of magick book work?

How can you make demons of magick book work?

This is like the only book that seems easy and makes sense to me.

But it doesn’t work. How does this book have a 4.7 star review and lots of people having success with it and I have to be the unlucky outsider that it doesn’t work for.

How do I make it work?

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Have you read any of the threads or watched any of ea’s videos ? Magic comes from within, it’s not something that’s just called forth by saying the right words.
If your magic is failing completely, then the problem is with you. Even a poor ritual should produce some effect when cast by a competent practitioner


Do you start with the basics? do you learn the ins and outs of the book? or do you try and jump right into the work?

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I’ve learned the ins and outs of ritual 1 and 2.

How experienced were you in the occult prior to reading the book?


I get were you coming from. Magick is just trying to teach you that you are different so you need to put more emotional energy into your ritual.

The 4.7 Star rating is real and many have seen results, even people who do not know or learned the process but just did ritual as directed.

Put more emotion into the process, you will see the difference and get results.


It works for many people, and it doesn’t work for many others. Most of the reviews for GoM books come from their Facebook fans members. Marketing tactics, don’t take it as a sign for success or failure of whatever their publishing.

Also please keep in mind that the majority of their readers are not only beginners… they’re people with zero experience in magick at all. And they could easily misunderstand anything and consider it success. Especially when it comes to manipulation of emotions without causing physical change. You will read that a lot in their reviews “I felt great after the ritual… all my fear or worry is gone… rituals work!!!” which is pure B.S in my opinion. So forget about those reviews. It’s a good sign for any book, but the devil is in the detail.

To make it work better I suggest you add visualization of your desired end result to the process, especially with the first ritual “petition for results” and repeat it 3 times. The 2nd and 3rd rituals are evocations so no need to add or change anything except following the steps and performing the rituals as explained in the book.


What’s your personal relationship with the results you seek?

The ‘devil’ is indeed in the details.

I’ve performed rituals hoping for a result within minutes and nothing happened then, yet all my readings and personal divinations point to the result being inevietable after some cycles and patterns take place.

Personally, I find the best results come about when I genuinely forget about the magick or when I completely immerse myself in making it come about in the material world (knowing that it will come about and “acting as if”)

The book works. The ritual structure has its components for a reason yet I believe the power won’t be any better if you just gaze at a sigil, chant an enn and give a command.

I’ve done both, and the nature of results aren’t faster regardless of how they’re called. Sometimes they’ll both astound you, yet the way the Demons act is so much better with the emotional (angelic) aspects telegraphed in the ritual.

I won’t patronize you and tell you “lolcatz ur just lusting four resultz” but, genuinely look at the way you’re approaching what you’re doing and welcome subtlty. Go “all in” on your result as if you haven’t cast for it at all, yet know the odds are shifted in your favor.

I recently went on a road trip with this girl in my party friend circle. I had cast for her via a sigil months ago. I ended up in a car with her alone for 5 hours and the conversations we had because of what we’d both been through for the past month or two lead to SO much deeper connection than would have been possible if we just banged in one of the side rooms the night after I fired the sigil… That’s happened before and it was damn great yet I wanted something deeper with her and so it took a bit of extra common experience for us both to go “wait, you too?!”

A damn cool logistical change happened shortly after as well… It’s a process and I patiently expect it to run it’s course and I’m not going to fuck it up with “are we there yet?!” It’s working, and I’m loving each developing change that happens, even if it’s an impulse to reorganize my apartment and later finding something we talked about…

Some results might need to take time to lay a foundation required for the result to build from. I like the “3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months” thing as it lets you know it’s in the cards yet it might need some changes to develop. Also gives you a chance to forget about it (and that’s when results hit you HARD)

Act your rituals with vigor and emotion, know the course of action WILL lead you to what you’ve asked for, and let it happen in any way it wants. Sometimes a girl might turn out to be bipolar and be in a hypomanic state and you just tripped her triggers for “do me now” so she looks like she’s “possessed” and jumps you. Cool. If the stage was set for that, that’s all it took.

If not she might need to have some changes process, you might need to suddenly discover something you were way into years ago and that will be the conversational hook point for the two of you. Takes more time but it leads to something similar thorugh a different path.

Just let it run it’s path. I’ve petitioned spirits through the DOM book and it’s been over a year on some. Every reading I get says it’s on its way and I can see changes gradually progressing to get there. I refuse to write it off as a “failure” because I asked for something very very very specific, and so it is.

Others show up within a few hours… Or moments. It takes the path it can. Know that if you had never cast for it you’d never get it.

Hope this helps. You are the most important part in any manifestation. You are the pathway as well as the killswitch


Probably is a need of more concentration and Focus. By doing the magic circle you could try and hang north, west, south, east your favorite fetish or favourites pornstars together with the sigils of the Kings to channel more energy by creating the magic space for the rituals

“Intent” is at the basis of all magick.

After performing the magick, “patience” is next.

“Doubt” has no place in magick.

Wish you all the best.