How To Make A Power Mix For A Spiritual Bath

Spiritual Bath of power.

This spiritual bath mix is specifically designed for cleansing/purification of self and consumption of power and energy.

I’ve used this about five times, it works wonders I only use it when I feel I need that boost.
Also I use it whenever I need a reboot of energy, or when ever I feel like I need a spiritual update so to speak.

Creating The Recipe.

Items needed.

  1. Lavender essential oil
  2. Epsom or sea salt
  3. Crushed bay leaves
  4. Dragon’s blood oil
  5. A lemon
  6. Clear quartz
  7. Amethyst gem or crystal
  8. Black tourmaline

Run a bath not too hot not too cold, just in between. Add a few drops of dragons blood oil and add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Add a few pinches of Epsom salt or sea salt, next add about seven crushed bay leaves.
Take a lemon cut or penetrate it, squeeze just a little bit of its juices into the water.

At the bottom of the bath place amethyst, clear quartz and black tourmaline.

Don’t just enter the bath first strip completely, then light a candle, preferbably violet, blue or white.

Hold the candle in both hands, gaze at the candle and visualise energy the same colour as the candle glow in the flame.

Once the visualisation is held, focus on white light descending from the ceiling into the candle.
Draw a inverted move the candle over the top of the bath, tracing a flaming pentagram of energy above it.

Trace it nine times, whilst reciting.

“Itz ranchu mantantu vespacha kaltamu itz ranta mant Kala mant atzu belt tazu vaskalla itz rachu Kantantu velchatza”

Now push that power towards the bath, place the candle away hold your hands above the bath.
Focus on the vibrations rising from the water.

Visualise the water become liquid golden light.

Now submerge your body under the water, dunk your head make sure your eyes are closed.
Sit there relaxed and meditate on the waves of energy flowing through the water.

Inhale golden waves of power, rising through your being. As you exhale visualise energy gunk drip into gold light, the energy will burn away all the gunk.

Keep inhaling in the power, keep exhaling the gunk. Fill your being with this amazing energy.

It cleanses you, purifies you and then pushes incredible currents of power into your being.
Meditate in the bath for a good 15 to 20 minutes I do it much longer.

Empty the bath do not towel dry yourself, just stand there and air dry.
As you dry the energy sinks into the pours of your skin.

After this you can have a shower if you wish, or simply just get dressed.

Try it, it has great benefits for the aura, the subtle bodies, your own personal power, even the chakras.




Ive seen a lot of your stuff here on the forum, and you put guides up about every two day, im just going to ask it. Why dont you have your own blog, i mean there is a lot of stuff and you will have a continual flow of content and i sure it will grow huge and not be confined to only here on the forum


Thanks I guess I’ve just never thought about it really.


I totally agree. I honestly feel like you give the best free advice on this forum. I found this by you in old thread and it hits me right in the feels at the current moment:
“The child could mean numerous of things such as looking at things from a new perspective or to be the child as in be clear minded and don’t expect anything just absorb all you observe.”

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Yes i look at him just as influencel to my path as other “mainstream” or more well known Magickions like E.A. or V.k. Jehannum. really you put great stuff out here and i think i speak for a lot of us on here but would eat the content of a blog if you made one.


Well thank you glad you all enjoy the content.


It’s always nice to read your posts … thanks for all :kissing_heart:this! ps: who has the shower how should he do? :smile::thinking:


You could simply have a bowl of this water with the mixture that’s been consecrated and pour it over you while standing in the shower.

Allow that consecrated water to air dry soaking into the pores of the skin, so you actually absorb that power and energy.

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Having this blessed by a Lwa would be incredible.