How to make a pact with astarte

How can I make a pact with astarte? I know you start by drawing up her sigil, and giving the “alash tad alashtal alashtu” incantation and giving her a living sacrifice into a fire. How can I make her my main goddess and deity? Do I need to write up a contract? And are there any good books on her that you reccomend? Thanks for all the help. It’s my true will that we all ascend!


Let her know you love and respect her. She’s big on respect. And please don’t ever call her a demon she doesn’t like that.
Show her love and devotion. You only need a contract if it makes you feel more comfortable. She’s a goddess of her word so unless you do something offensive she will keep hers.

She likes chocolate. And wine too.

You need this star


Good luck :rose:


Thanks I have a different symbol js garret gave me, he told me how to make a pact with her and I completely forgot and as he used a different entity in the love slave rite. I’m guessing maybe its astarte waiting on my pact with her for it to fully manifest. Do you have any other offerings she likes or any books you reccomend?

I don’t have any books. I just know her. I know she loves that star. She likes music. Incense if it isn’t too strong. She loves all candles anything with light. If your going for love try pink ones. And roses.


Doves. Are sacred so don’t kill one but using them around the altar in pictures or drawings.


Thanks !

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