How to know…

…if I’m surrounded by demonic energy?


They will let you know, you will feel it energetically

You should state whether that is the goal or not. Why? Because not all “demons” are demonic. Some were gods of old with their own energy. Some were elevated kings. There is no standard “demonic” energy, since the term “demon” in basically nonsense. They feel differently.

So, my advice is to pick which “demon” you are trying to surround yourself with and do a series of invocation and evocations to build up that specific energy. Really not trying to nitpick here, but the thought that there is some undercurrent that all are attached to doesn’t hold water when you actually experience them on more than a superficial level.

I hope this has helped. Please let me know if there are questions. I will answer if I have that experience (and I have a variety of experience) and will likely tell you if I am not sure or what I would do to proceed.