How to Know When to Proceed and When to Abandon

Salutations! Love and attraction magic is my main focus, and I feel I have made some real strides, as of late. However, “with great power comes great responsibility.” I have found myself in some situations that may benefit from some magical intervention. However, how do you decide whether the cost and/or consequences are too high? I follow the rule of all being fair on love and war and that magic should be used to attain your greatest dreams, but what if the dreams come at the expense and pain of yourself and others? Is there any way to prevent such negative consequences? Thank you to everyone who replies.

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If you mean the typical backfire there are plenty of techniques to redirect it in egg or plant.

Edit: I am not sure if there are backfire if you do something with help of a demon. Things like that can happen when you do the influence with your own power - eg sympathetic magic, folk magic and similar. Also a good protection like eg Shield of Death can keep you from things like this.

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I know it can be tempting. But doing a love spell on a specific person is unethical, it will also very likely backfire in many directed and undirected ways for you in the long run so your dream relationship turns into a nightmare.

You can’t go wrong when you do a spell to draw ideal romantic conditions to you to find that partner of your dreams and leave the actual person up to actual chance or meeting with an attraction spell and leave it up to the universe. Because if the object of your affection happens to be an ideal partner your spell might end up working on them after all with actual attractions and mutual interests.

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No, there is not.

There will always be consequences to everything we do, whether magical or mundane. We make decisions, and those decisions, in turn, affect those around us and ourselves in ways we cannot always foresee.

A lot of magical teachers recommend doing a divination before doing any sort of spell, in order to see the probability of success, as well as the possible consequences, but even that will not show you everything.

When you decide on any course of action, magical or mundane, you have to be okay with whatever ultimately results from that decision. There’s no other way except personal responsibility. If you constantly second guess yourself, you will simply spin your wheels and not move anywhere.

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. Your course of action must be run by your own personal moral code, not anyone else’. The responsibility for the consequences is yours and yours alone, so only you can decide if the gain is worth it. Sometimes pain is necessary for the growth required to reach your dreams.


I think that I would benefit from divination, but I actually don’t know what method would be best for determining success in spells. When doing evocation, I use the 4 pennies method, but that is the only method of divination I know. Do you have any suggestions?

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There are rites for e.g craft dreams. I can adapt one of them if there are interested people.

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Usually it is a tarot reading that is done, as the cards can paint a larger picture of the forces at play than a coin toss or a pendulum.

However, if you want a quick method to run your decisions by that can give you a snapshot of the possibilities, I recommend this:


Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, all I can find concerning the Shield of Death has to do with video games😅 Do you mind elaborating or telling us where we could learn more?

And that would be great!

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Unfortunately you can’t find information in English especially for this. This is graveyard rite on several graves. I maybe will translate it in the future. The original is Russian.

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For e.g craft dreams is easy. I will adapt it tomorrow evening probably.

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Thank you so, so much! When I put this to use, I’ll definitely let you know how it goes❤

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