How to know progress of any spell?

Once a spell has been casted, I know for a matter of fact that we should not doubt about its efficiency. But at any point of time, can we get to know the progress of the spell? In case we get to know the progress, this might help a lot of people from constantly thinking and obsessing over the outcome

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Just give it time. Some spells takes minutes and other days… Don’t overthink it


This is my problem as well. If it was an evocation, sometimes I just ask the demon how the progress is coming. Or sometimes I pull a card. But I just really try to remind myself that I sent out a very real force to accomplish my task, and that the demon is more than capable of carrying it out.

If it was just a spell and not an evocation, then I just really do my best to not think about it too much.

I’m not that great at it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most castings work slowly and the results are not instantaneous. What I have done is ask for a sign at the end of a ritual. Simply state if this casting succeeds give me a sign of success and let me know if this casting has taken hold. You can name the sign or many times the Deity will render their own sign to let me know of success.


What can we exactly infer as a sign? For instance, if we are performing love spell or get back ex spell, what can we treat exactly as a sign in those cases?

The problem is that I start to treat everything that surrounds me as a sign like partner’s name appearing on a banner or television program, etc. Are there any specific set of signs we normally observe in case of successful spells?


This just happened to me yesterday. I did this major evocation for a significant goal, and about 5 minutes later I received an email that gave an extremely clear sign of success. I didn’t really think about it in this way though until just now, so thanks for that!

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Happy to see that. Can you elaborate on the sign (if you are okay with it) you received which we might categorize as a sign :smiley:

Regarding a love spell I would ask for an unexpected meeting, email, text, from that person of interest. Set a time limit for your sign after the casting lets say within one week of the ritual. Keep in mind that love spells take time with repeated work and a positive sign you know your headed in the right direction.

Sure. I did an evocation to get clients for a coaching program I’m running. Right after the evocation I got an email from an existing client wanting to confirm that she was added to the course and if there was anything else she needed to do.

Like I said, an extremely clear sign :smiley:

Great that would be clear sign that the spell has taken affect. Did you get any sign when you have performed any love/lust spell?

I’ve never done such a spell as I’ve been married for 7 years now :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Thank you for your fast response that is exactly what i have stated as a sign of success. It sounds like whatever your doing is working to move you forward.

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Great going man :slight_smile:

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Does this always work? I mean, if the target is too stubborn to respond within one week or so…

No unfortunately, but it gives you an indicator if your casting was acceded to by the Deity and if it will succeed. If that doesn’t happen you may have to try again. Chances are they wont propose in a week, only stating a sign is one indicator of success and your love spell is working. It may take months to succeed, keep trying and look for indicators of success.

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