How to know if the entity said it’s real name?

Hi ! Just like the title says. How to know if entity said it’s true name without opened senses? I know about divination , but sometimes we could be wrong with it and I get different answers . So , could someone help me with this ? I have problem with identifying if the entity is really said entity and scans or readings would be really helpful . In return , I can offer a reading ! Thanks in advance!

Please be aware that you cannot offer readings of any sort, not even in exchange. We have a rule here that prohibits newcomers to the forum from doing so until they have been an active member for at least 90 days.


Oh I am sorry , i didnt knew that

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If you establish a strong barrier against parasites and imposters, you will likely not need to worry about it as much. This could be done using a technique called the Seal of Manifestation from another member or my circle of black flames which I believe are both in our tutorial section.


these are both barriers against parasites?

I’ve only heard good things from the seal, I have not used it myself. As for the circle, I have not had any issues with them using that technique.

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Thank you , now , i am doing circle of Black Fire tehnique , but not every day . But after that , i got another one demon claiming to be the other one . :sweat:

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