How to know if a deity is disappointed with you?

If I mentally lose touch with channeling that deity, could that be one of the signs? My apologies if this is a very vague question.

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Your best bet is to just ask them what they want to see you improve on. Don’t feel discouraged by this, everyone hits bumps in the road. It’s perfectly natural, you just need to keep going forward.


I’d just taken it as that was the end of the discussion or operation and they’d be back next time I summoned or they felt the need to interject themselves, if it were me. I’ve had entities leave just as randomly and quickly and I’ve had them show up out of the blue.

If I am positive I cannot connect to an entity that I’ve worked with on a regular basis in the past, I take that as clear sign they are not the right entity for the current operation- I don’t always listen, sometimes I’d prefer to work with an entity I’ve already worked with a lot, and when I don’t listen they just don’t show. Call not answered. they always let me know when it’s time to get back at it with my projects I had with them afterwards.

I get smarter and pick up on things quicker than I did when I started out but, sometimes I still think I’m right, when I’m not. :woman_shrugging:t3:

The other thought I have is communication is not always a consistent thing. I go through phases where it’s easier, usually when I’m doing more energy work and quite frankly I still can’t call my senses anywhere near 100% and I doubt I’ll ever get 100% control of it.

I’ve found that I can turn it off whenever I want to now, which is huge progress but I can’t always start it up just cuz I want to. Emotions, health, have I eaten, have I slept and probably ten other things can factor into this too.


I also really think that worry over whether or not a deity is mad or disappointed in you is over rated. So what if they are? Just like people, they may not be the right entity for you or you’re letting their opinion matter more than you, so I don’t. If an entity doesn’t want to work with me, I don’t find that offensive or upsetting, it’s just life. Not everyone is meant to get along and jive with everyone else.


Worrying does not align with curiosity

:woman_shrugging:t3: To each their own. Without a purpose to the curiosity, I don’t see what difference it makes and so personally don’t carry the curiosity as to whether or not they like me, or are pleased with me-it won’t effect my day either way :stuck_out_tongue:

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